Where Are FFLs Getting Their Guns?

Discussion in 'NFA/Class 3 & FFL Discussion' started by Olympus, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Olympus

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    I just can't seem to get any guns to sell. I just got my FFL in November of last year and I'm really just spinning my wheels lately because I can't seem to get any guns from the distributors. I have probably a dozen or so guns backordered from Zanders and Williams Shooter Supply and most have been backordered since around Jan/Feb.

    Is there some kind of trick to this?
  2. Missouribound

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    Take a look around in the other sites of gun sellers....just about everyone is out of guns. It's just starting to come back now, but those that you see have been ordered for months. It's going to take a while, I"m sorry to say. The big distributors sell to the bigger dealers first, then it's trickle down after that. If you are a small dealer you will either wait, or pay a lot more for something available.

  3. 1911love

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    I've also heard that the long time FFLs are getting orders filled and the new FFLs are out of luck. Not a great time to start an FFL business from what I've heard from long time FFL holders.
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    It's networking and the good old boy system. If a dealer has been with a distributor for years they get preference. If it's a high volume shop they get a very big preference. In the long run this stuff is going to sort out. When it does the distributors want to have a reliable sales outlet, and nothing shows reliability like past relationships. With the exception of ammo, there is one LGS in my area that almost looks like there is no shortage of anything.

    Over the weekend I went into a Gander Mountain located near Orlando. There was not one single J frame for sale in the building. They had just about every model Glock you would want, all with the full capacity magazines. I heard a guy trying to buy a Glock in 40 S&W. He said he would buy the gun, but he needed a box each of practice and defense ammo to go with it. No sale. The clerk said there was not one single box of .40 S&W in the store. As a side note, this store has an indoor range. They had ammo for sale for people using the range, including .40 S&W, but there was a one box limit.
  5. Gatoragn

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    My preferred LGS is probably 80% consignment inventory right now.
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    I cant believe your not seeing a flood of Downstate NY Black Guns hitting the market; wait for it, its coming! Its hard to even sell a gun here because there are very few places that will let you advertize one! The Gun Dealers and Pawn Shops only pay 30% to 50% of list so private sales are the only way to go if you can link up with someone.

    Funny thing, my ultra lib Sis Emailed me last night, she has two like minded friends that have a couple longarms they dont want around the cabin anymore. They are nothing fancy, worth less than 500 list combined and neither sounds like it has and Distictive "Military Features". She wanted to know what they are worth and how they could sell them. She didnt know the status of them as of the safe act and wondered if I could tell her! She supported the safe act, blogged and chainlettered the hell out of our Erected Officials!

    I couldnt help but chuckle out loud reading he request for help, I wanted to tell her to take those evil guns to the PD and turn them in before they kill someone!!!!

    What a hypocrite! She doesnt want us to have guns but wants to get good money for the ones her friends have. They will take that money from folks like you and me then tell them to give up the gun they just sold us after they get the cash!!!

    I love my sister but my head hurts every time she speaks! I told her to check out Gunbroker.com, I am not going near this myself.

    It would be interesting if the other 49 states 2a Supporters refused to buy any weapon that was last owned by a New Yorker! That would put a big crimp in Andy of Albany's Safe Act, he dont care who gets our guns, just that they leave NY!
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    I have been doing transfers for people who have ordered from Bud's.
  8. bluez

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    Olympus, what state are you in?
    I am sure some folks here might have some consignments for you :)
  9. ktmboyz

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    I have found the best coarse is to establish a relationship with your salesman at one wholesaler and stick with him, put all yer eggs in one basket so to speak. Luckily I figured this out shortly before the whole dry up. I started the week before thanksgiving so I had a few weeks to get things rolling and establish myself with a few sales reps.

    My sales guy also started the same week as me so we have kind of been growing together, I started doing a few a week and now I'm up to probably 40-65K a month. I have been very very busy and sell prob 60-90 guns a month and im only open 5-8 during the week and 9-5 on sat sun.

    Another tip he gave me that really helped and I saw almost instant product flow was to buy accessories.. Most salesman make most of their profit on acc stuff so the guys that buy more accessories get more allocated product. I have gotten more shields, p mags and hard to find guns than I ever thought possible because I buy a ton of accessories.

    Accessories are also great profit, I keep stuff priced very affordable and make a decent profit while still undercutting everyone around and am usually about the same price as you can find something on the internet. At this point I would rather sell volume than to make a few bucks more on soemthing I sat on for weeks. I sell most handguns around 50 over cost and rifles usually 10% over and some a little more or less.

    So long story short find one guy who will give you some stuff, stick with him and get yer foot in the door.
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    even my LGS is having some difficulties in supply of firearms and ammo.
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    I'm in Missouri.
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    What does c&r stand for. might not be asking this in the correct form but it has to do with ffL certificates.
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    Curios and Relics