When you first started carrying

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  1. jeffkaiser1989

    jeffkaiser1989 New Member

    Was anybody else nervous the first time you carried your gun openly or concealed?
  2. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Yes. But I did my best to cover.

    I practiced around the house first to see if there were any chance of it being seen.
    Then came the endless line of holsters,
    Then the trying of different handguns.

    And I am still looking to find the best way to carry concealed.

    And I still get a little worried today.

  3. SigArmored

    SigArmored New Member

    Yes I was but the more I carried the more comfortable I got with it.I'm so comfortable with it now that it's become part of my routine in fact I am more likely to leave my house without my phone than I am to forget my carry pistol and my wallet.
  4. jeffkaiser1989

    jeffkaiser1989 New Member

    See i dont have my ccw yet and im worried that if i walk down the street open carry ill get stopped and harassed. In this city not to many people open carry. you see it maybe once every few months or so. And i have been practicing at home for when i get my ccw the holster i have is a inside and outside the pants holster and is ambidextrious. Cept i cant seem to find the right spot to put my gun where its concealed. I thought i picked a small enough gun to be easy to conceal buts its proving challenging. And i have a Sig P238. I believe its a sub compact. I have the standard mag with 6+1 rnds and the extended 7+1 with the plate on the bottom that adds enough room for your pinky to fit on the gun.

    EDIT: I also live in a rather bad part of town hence why i bought the gun and why i feel the need to carry it.
  5. cotex

    cotex New Member

    Nope to then and nope to now twenty one years later. Some things just start easy.

  6. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    I did... it quickly passed
  7. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I was nervous at first. But after a while you realize that if you leave it alone no one will notice it. It is when you are always messing with it that people notice. Most people are oblivious to everything around them. Many people wouldn't notice if you were open carrying.
  8. eatmydust

    eatmydust New Member

    Oh yeah!

    I was nervous, because the state I was carrying in considered me a felon.:mad:

    It was during the Christmas season & I was carrying thousands of dollars in cash daily!:eek:
  9. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Being prior service, it wasn't a new thing for me to carry a gun. The new thing was that everyone else wasn't!

    I carried around the house for two days I think, when I lived in Mississippi, just to see if I was effectively concealing.

    When I moved to Louisiana in the midst of a nasty divorce, I couldn't afford the concealed carry permit. I still can't, but I DID just recently find out that it's priced closer to within my reach because I don't have to take the class (because of veteran status). That alone saves me a hundred bucks, the cheapest going rate for the class (they can vary, but they're not supposed to. The instructor may charge extra for snacks or meals)

    Because of this, I open carry here. Now THAT makes things feel a bit different. Back in MS, I was among mostly other rednecks like me, but they were unarmed (most of them), and I could hide it. Now, I'm among those unarmed, and can't LEGALLY hide mine.

    Almost feels like walking around with my tallywhacker hanging out, but not quite. Where I'm at is pretty pro gun, so people actually act like they've seen one before and no one has shown any concern.

    It also helped a lot that a good friend of mine is a plainclothes cop and we've gone to the store together, errands running, and what not, while both of us open carrying, one of us with a badge next to his. Real confidence booster.
  10. Steel_Talon

    Steel_Talon New Member

    No, not at all, but I grew up in a different ERA and community (ranching family), guns were really not villainized. It was ok to have a gun rack in your pick up, with a rifle, a shotgun and a lariat held in place. When you drove to town etc.

    Open carry in AZ has always been on the books, you just had to make sure if you were wearing a jacket (cold weather) that enough of your holster was exposed to easily identified as such.

    After the ARMY, I became a Deputy Sheriff, and spent the next 30 years in the LEO field. So carrying has been a daily deal for me, even now that I'm retired. Since my disability I hardly open carry anymore except for my fighting cane.
  11. bildee

    bildee New Member

    I think that I remember that being the case, but it was 45 years ago and my memory has failed me before. :) I quit worrying about the gun being noticed when I started using front pants pocket holsters, (and gave up on revolvers) about 30 years ago.
  12. ALfiremedic1

    ALfiremedic1 New Member

    I go back and forth between open carry and concealed. It just depends on what I'm doing. Because I open carry very often, I usually don't care if I'm printing or showing. Honestly, if I'm concealing, I never take it off. Banks, city hall...doesn't matter. Those are the only times I'm really worried about printing. Other then that, I don't care
  13. txpossum

    txpossum New Member

    Um, I was less nervous when I got my CCL. Texas was relatively late to the game in even having carry licenses, and there were times that I chose to take the risk of carring illegally when it fell into the "rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6" category.
  14. jeffkaiser1989

    jeffkaiser1989 New Member

    alot of intrrsting feedback here. im not sure why i am as nervous as i am maybe its the horror stories a friend told me or maybe im just not as confident with my gun yet. And when i saw a cop earlier when i was about to get my gun out of my car and put it on my belt to go hiking in the woods i decided not to take my gun with me for fear of being harassed
  15. jimogden1984

    jimogden1984 New Member

    have you tried pocket carry.
  16. GlockRenegade

    GlockRenegade New Member

    O yeah... totally normal at first. Get used to it pretty fast tho
  17. jeffkaiser1989

    jeffkaiser1989 New Member

    dont have my ccw yet
  18. nitestalker

    nitestalker New Member

    Some people just look better with exposed weapons.:cool:

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  19. Gh0zt36

    Gh0zt36 Active Member

    Oh yea I remember the first day I had my permit. I was carrying a glock 20 in a Itac Mtac minotaur hybrid IWB at about 4:30 and it printed like a freakin quad 50 and I was so nervous I felt like everyone was staring at me. I looked like the hunchback of notre dame. trying to shift my frame to cover the print.

    After the 3rd day I didnt even think about it anymore. Then I got a single clip universal IWB and started appendix carrying and and even that big 20 damn near disappeared. No it's like putting a wallet on. I forget im even carrying.
  20. TekGreg

    TekGreg Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Jeff, the best thing you can do is brush up on your state's open carry and concealed carry laws, so that YOU know the law and understand it. Then, believe it or not, he next best thing is to walk up to a cop and just chat him up! Do this first unarmed, for your sake, and just ask him what the LEO Climate towards open carry is like. This is best done when they are getting gas, coffee, lunch or other mundane settings - do not approach while they are writing tickets or other LEO work! Most officers are happy to give you 10 minutes to clarify a question. If he honestly doesn't know, ask him for a referral to someone in the department that handles the subject. If your problem is LEOs perception of you, it's best to ask a LEO! I do this EVERY time I move to a new area/state/city.

    As far as the general public, just don't fiddle with your gun. Readjusting, removing, changing position is all done at home, in your car, or a locked bathroom stall. Don't, under any circumstances, lean on it with your elbow, rest your hand on it as a brace, readjust your pants or shirt over it or anything else involving the gun. Playing with it is what makes everyone nervous! However, if you just walk through a public place normally, even with a slight "printing," no one will pay you one bit of attention! They're too busy updating their Facebook page and making sure they're on schedule to make it home for "Dancing With the Stars." They don't care one whit about you...until you give them reason to. Besides, only LEOs and other CCW holders know what "printing" looks like. If you have a CCW, neither one of those groups cares if your carrying - the rest aren't paying any attention. My wife and I practice at the mall spotting those with carry guns just for fun! I warned a guy once he was about to lose his gun (cheap nylon holster with no belt) to save his CCW and avoid another embarrassing "gun nut" news story.

    Use a stiff gun belt, a great fitted holster, and you will have nothing to worry about! Your gun will ride with you for years to come. If you want a little extra confidence in the beginning, get a gun cover. Just a very light, thin shirt or vest that you wear over everything - it should be a size bigger or longer (tall sizes) to give extra coverage. You wear it unbuttoned over your regular shirt and just let it hang free. The extra free-floating layer makes spotting a gun in a proper holster nearly Impossible.

    Good luck and enjoy!
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