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Regardless of what what congress and Odumba do regarding "Gun Control", we know that they will not address the issues with the mentally ill that are amoung us and school security. It will just be a matter of time before we have another Sandy Hook or Columbine incident and we will be right back fighting for our rights again.

I feel like We need to keep pressing congress for dedicated armed security in schools and concealed carry for teachers that wish to have that option even after the dust has settled. Same goes for taking an agressive approach to the mentally ill and kids that are routinely put on mood altering drugs. We need to keep the pressure on and take a pro active position instead of having to always defend our side of things. If they won't pass meaningful legislation in these areas then the next Sandy Hook will be on them.

The NRA needs to pursue this too and not wait for the next incident. Keep those efforts in the news until we get some meaningful results. What say you?
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