When disaster strikes, it can happen to you.

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    Right here in the great state of Iowa:


    An angry resident that tried to drive around a security checkpoint is stopped by one police officer, right, while another tries to break his window to extract him in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Monday, June 16, 2008. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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    Well, if you look at the picture, it looks like an overbearing police force is victimizing a citizen. The problem is, we don't have the whole story.

    It says "an angry resident" - But to what extent?? Did the civilian have an altercation with the police and then decided to just drive over them? Did the civilian threaten, or in some other way show intent to harm the officers? Or was he merely upset because he wanted to go home and check on his stuff? Or get some of his stuff out of the house before it was damaged further?

    It says the person tried to drive around the checkpoint. Obviously the checkpoint was there for a reason. What was the reason?

    I am afraid I can't pass judgement on that photo until all the facts are present and accounted for.

    Do you have any more info Jables?


  3. Jables

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    This is all I got in the email, not more info, that also was the AP caption as well. Who knows what happened. I have been there when a police officer pulled a weapon on an unarmed person and I would have done the same. He was responding to a call of an underage party at the apartment complex I managed. One kids ran into the woods and hid for 1 1/2 hrs. The officer pulled the kids keys and locked his truck and told me to call him when the kid came back. So I did, the officer came around the other side to the building with gun drawn and made the kid get on the ground. Was it excessive force, maybe. But the kid did eluded the police and didn't show respect for authority.

    As for this picture, until I can get more info, which I'm trying to do, we really don't have much to go off. I've personally never met a IHP that was a ***** or abused his power.

    My point for posting this is to show the heat of the moment in any disaster. We need to be prepared so we aren't losing our minds like the guy in the truck.

    P.S. Notice the Offices finger isn't even inside the trigger guard.
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    I didn't think cops kept their finger on the trigger. Aren't they trained as well as military to keep it pointing at the target along the trigger guard?
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    There is a roadblock that is manned by both military and civilian police. Why would the douche think it was okay to just drive around it?

    Yeah, he's a victim, alright. A victim of his own stupidity.

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    i don't know the story behind the picture. i would suggest to the cover officer that he not stand directly in front of the suspect vehicle. not a good technique when conducting a vehicle extract.
    a police officer doesn't have to wait to be faced with deadly force in order to draw his weapon. if that were the case more officers would be dead. an officer needs to percieve a potential threat and be able to articulate why he drew his weapon. more officers are killed every year on so called "routine calls" as opposed to actual dangerous calls.
    i've had my weapon drawn on a lot of calls that turned out to be nothing. after everything is said and done, barring an arrest, i explain to any civilian bystanders why i drew my weapon.
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    Being as I live south in Missouri south of Iowa I have a feeling I know what caused all of this and the driver isn't just a dumbass he is a King dumbass if I'm right .

    Roads are closed all over the place due to swollen rivers , many towns have been evacuated and declared catastrophe zones .

    If the jackass is trying to get back into an area where a levee is about to break "which many have already" he is a complete fool .

    I for one am sick of watching these morons on the news with their pickup trucks that think they can drive through 4 ft deep + water , get stuck and then having to be rescued .

    This kinda crap is just a waste of taxpayer money , they should let them go get themselves killed and thin out the imbeciles from the general population .

    I watched a video of this one *** try to drive through deep raging water in a S-10 sized PU with his small child in the truck , they were swept away by the current and luckily stopped by some large rocks not too far from the road they started on . When rescuers climbed out onto rocks and formed a chain to get them out of the truck whats the first thing our retard hands them ?

    Not his small child , O NO he hands them his damn brief case !!

    I swear I would have insisted on the kid first then when Daddy tried to jump to my rock I would have punched him in the mouth knocked him in the Raging water and thrown his damn case to him for good measure !

    I swear people can be so Damn stupid I sometimes wonder how we made it out of the caves .
  8. Jables

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    The officer I seen did not have his finger inside the trigger guard, nor did he take his gun off safety.
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    Takes a real genius to drive a vehicle into raging waters doesn't it. In my hometown we have a small bridge that crosses a creek that runs through downtown. This bridge is basically a concrete slab bridge, it used to be just a series of large concrete slabs about 4 feet thick with thick steel plates connecting the slabs together to bridge the gaps. It doesn't even have to rain much to get the bridge under water ( it's only about 5 feet from creekbed to roadway with no guard rails). A couple of years ago the firedept and a local crane service had to pull an early 90s Jeep Wrangler out of the river. Some woman decided she would give it a try and nearly died. She might as well have tried it on a powerwheels jeep.
  10. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

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    Agree with JD 100% we don't have the full story and all of the facts to pass judgement :D:D:D:D