When an officer has to think fast....

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    looks like the two officers get to go home and they helped clean the gene pool !
    good job!

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    That has been around a bit. Suicide by cop. Nighty night
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    Stupid action on the part of two very lucky cops. Piss pour training. They had him isolated in the restroom, they should have frisked him there, and cuffed him before waking him through a room full of potential hostages.
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    It is always easy to back yard quarterback. But from experience if he was a suspect for a crime they should have ordered him to place both hands on the sink since they were both visible at the time! Then spread him out there at the sink and patted him down! They were very fortunate that he waited to get outside before confronting them with the gun. If it had been inside it could have been very bad with all the restaurant patrons there! But since it happened they performed as they should. The female officer calling out the word Gun when she saw the gun several times to alert her partner of the threat. And their reaction to deadly force was proper. The female is lucky to be alive since she was in such close proximity with him. What those that have never been in these situations does not realize or never considered is normally it takes .75 of a second to even realize a threat exists. Then additional to act upon it. The perpetrator already has planed and knows his or her action prior to executing it. In these cases someone can shoot you in less than an 1 - 1.5 seconds. Stop and think about the time frame! ;)
    And this is why continued training is so important for us or anyone who carries for work or self defense!
    You will do as you train! Since you will not have time to think about it should a confrontation similar to this one arise.

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    Not sure, the video is not that sharp to tell, but, the emblem on the bad guys ball cap kind of looks like some sheriffs departments logo. Kind of similar to the shoulder patch on the female officer in this video. Makes me wonder if this was some kind of training video for the police department.
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    The reason the officers survived was because the suspect's gun was an air soft pellet gun.
    Assuming the video was real. I'm suspecting it isn't because...as others have said, the officers would have searched him in the restroom.
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    I am still puzzled as to why they took him out of the rest room where it was all isolated and controlled. I also would have heard my alarm bells ringing loudly with him walking real slow to open up the distance between me and my partner. It was obvious to me that he wasn't happy and the little gears were turning in his head in terms of, can I take her out, or should I run? Frankly, not having seen the incident before I expected it to go bad inside the restaurant.
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    Texas cops shot and killed a man who pulled out a gun, only for it to turn out to be fake.
    But bodycam footage from one of the officers proves there was no way for the Palestine police officers to know the gun was fake.
    No question it was a justified shooting.
    The incident took place May 31 when Sergeant Gabriel Green and his partner, officer Kaylynn Griffin, were responding to a call about a man who had tried to shoplift a case of beer from a Walmart.
    Employees told police they saw the man run into a nearby Applebee’s restaurant.
    Sergeant Green found the man, James Bushey, inside the bathroom washing his hands. And ordered him to step outside.
    Both cops walked Bushey out of the restaurant, requesting his identification where it looked to be headed for a routine arrest.
    But once outside, Bushey pulled out a replica Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun, prompting Griffin to yell out “gun, gun, gun!” as Green tried to wrap his arm around his neck.
    Bushey broke free with the fake gun in his hand, then turned around as if he was going to shoot them.
    Both officers opened fire, killing him on the spot.
    According to the Palestine Herald: Bushey had recently moved for New Hampshire to Texas. He had a history of confrontations and previous crimes along with an alcohol problem according to his relatives.
    During the investigation officers were placed on light duty until a Anderson County grand jury met and took no action against the officers on June 25. The grand jury viewed the footage as part of its deliberations. The officers returned to full duty the following weekend.
    Robo Hit the Nail on the Head! Suicide By Cop! For someone that may not understand that phrase. It is when a person knowingly plans their action in order to get the police to kill them. As I am sure Robo and other LEOs has seen or possibly actually experienced this as I have as well. It is a terrible situation for all parties involved. In this case the guy did not have a real gun!

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    I think you give the dead guy too much credit. More likely, IMO, having lost the opportunity he passed over in the restaurant he was first imagining he could use the fake fun to get the woman's gun. Many bad guys exhibit dysfunctional thinking when caught and clearly he had decided the partner wasn't going to react as he did. Do I believe he was thinking, I would rather die than stand for a shoplifting beef when all they have is an accusation? No. Rather instead a total dislocation of the reality of his situation if he turned with the fake gun and pointed it. Some half baked fuzzy thought incapable of keeping up with the situation as it unfolded. Suicidal implies intent. What we see here was simple stupidity. LoL, his initial demeanor in the rest room also kind of conveyed that. He clearly never expected anyone to look for him in the bathroom.
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    The point I have been making for decades is SHOOT DON'T SHOOT is not made by the officer, it is made by the bandit. We in LE have to REACT to what the bandit does, which puts them at a distinct advantage so when we are FORCED to react to their actions the decision was theirs not ours!!!:(