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I gotta say, other than a few more shotgun cartridges, Im not buying anything because of the crap going on in Crapitols across the nation to include Washington.

The sales may be going through the roof, lots of AR types and grandfathered Mags but for what? The stuff Mini Mario is spinning down in Albany does not include Grandfather clauses and hes in lockstep with Washington.

I guess any purchase of a future relic is a gamble but buying any newer semi in NY or many other Lib-turd states seems like a bad investment at this point and Barry, Harry, Nancy and Big Bird will stop at nothing fixing America FOOG! And while it may be more fit for the conspiracy section, the patriot act makes tracking sales so easy "Even a Caveman Could Do It" so you can run but you cannot hide.

Gun Dealers wont have the same protections afforded them as the NY Times, CNN or any other Major Media Republicrat Campaign supporter, I meant Free Press Outlets. They will have to open their books or to jail they go!

Im not even sure I will legally get to keep the ones I have that average anywhere between 40 and 90+ years old! Maybe the old Enfield Elephant gun and my 22 Single Shot but the rest are either Hycap or Semi (or both) even a couple old military pieces (They must be really dangerous if they were once in the military!!!). Really, if I hadnt lost my 2 favorite 12 gauges in the tragic boating accident years ago (rem 1911, Ithaca featherlight), I wouldnt want either of them to be pointed at me but they might pass the new ban...

Im just gonna keep praying to god and hugging my old Single Shot really safe and legal weapons for now...

Can on of the mods please change my oops to "Why", please...
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