What's your thoughts on post-processing .45 acp with the silver crescent.

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  1. KG7IL

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    I have about 400 of my .45 ACP reloads that obviously were not belled sufficiently in the case processing phase.

    What resulted is a run that has the slight silver crescent, or shaved lead around the case mouth. This has affected headspace and many if not all, will not completely seat in the chamber, resulting in an out of batter condition, followed by the subsequent failure to fire.

    I have two options, there may be more.

    1. Sit down and run my fingernail around each bullet and test in the removed barrel of my .45.

    2. Reseat the bullet a few thousands and hope to shear the balance of the crescent as the bullet is seated.

    While I am confident of option one, it will take a while.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. c3shooter

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    Have done the same thing. My fix for 50 rounds was small sharp bladed knife, blade at 90 degree to case, right at case mouth. Lay round on smooth surface, press blade against bullet, roll cartridge.

    And to remind self not to do it again.

  3. robocop10mm

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    I have taken a case and cut the mouth into a 4 toothed hole saw kind of arrangement. Slide it over the bullet and shave it til it reaches the case mouth.
  4. KG7IL

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    This may be a winner, entries, however, are still being accepted.

    I made a quick prototype.
    1. Color Sharpie on rim to mark original Depth of Cut on rim.
    2. Triangle file across case mouth (both sides) at 90 degrees to make recess.
    3. Mill File angled against back of notch, preserving rake on marked rim

    I used a fired case to approximate correct I.D.
    Will need to bell the toothed mouth a bit to increase I.D.

    Should work. My close up shot looks like a sharks mouth. egads!
    I may need to use a ceramic stone for my last dressing of this surface.

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