Whats your stance on the 220 swift?

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    So I told my gf about this caliber the other day and now is thinking about getting one. 2 reasons for this are 1 it's a off caliber not many people have, and 2 she's a big Taylor swift fan lol.. ( everything with swift she thinks of Taylor) so what are your reviews of this caliber.. It will be for target shooting 100-200 yds sometimes 300.
    Price range for the gun is up in the air but I've found some on arms-list that have scopes already for around 700-900 bucks... These good prices or you think I can find one cheaper? How is ammo for this gun? I don't reload yet and have only been able to find boxes of 20 in the 30-40 dollar price range..

    Also she does NOT want a 22-250!!!!
    My sister just bought one and she doesn't want to "copy" her.. I have been trying to talk her into the 204 ruger tho.. At least ammo is more available and can get a new gun for only 450-500 bucks..

    Oh and besides Remington are there any other companies that currently make a 220 swift bolt action rifle?
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    The .220 Swift is a great cartridge though it is known for fast throat erosion and short barrel life. But, the only reason for that is that so many owners load the Swift up to and over the 4000fps mark. Load it down a bit and it will last as long as most other rifle barrels. I prefer the cartridge that Winchester brought out to replace the Swift and yet, is almost dead: the .225 Winchester. The .225 can be loaded to about .22-250 ballistics and is semi-rimmed like the Swift. Winchester still loads ammo for it. About the only rifle you can find chambered for it is the post '64 M70, the old 340 Savage, and custom jobs. In fact, not many people have them and most guys at the range have never heard of it. If you are going to mess around with the Swift, better start reloading. You won't regret it.

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    As Cottontop advised, you better know what you are getting if you were to buy a used 220 Swift. Because he is absolutely correct! At the velocity of the round they are fast to experience Throat Erosion. Of course usually you can look at the Bolt Face and pretty much tell how much they have been fired. If all of the finish is on the face it and only faint signs of wear which removes the finish is present. It probably has not been fired that much unless they have doctored the bolt face so it looks newer? But one other round you might want to consider is the 17 Remington. (not the fire ball and others) The true Remington 17! New? But the same applies to it regarding being used. It also is a "Screamer" at over 4000 fps while the 22-250 usually runs around 3810 fps. and also is a good round! You can find rounds for it a the big stores but you are going to probably be loading for either the 220 or the 17. If for no other reason than cost!

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    How about a Ruger American in 243?
    Or marlin X7 in 25/06?
    Or a Savage in 223 or 204 Ruger or 6.5 CREEDMOOR
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    I don't have a stance on the 220 swift.
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    As others have said the 220 Swift is a great varmint cartridge that does have the reputation for being a barrel burner. I would also be quite leery buying a used 220 swift for the barrel issue and not knowing how many rounds have been through the rifle. If I didn't handload I would be looking for a more common and popular cartridge that could be found in abundant supplies,instead of having to special and wait on ammo.
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    Steel and loads got better since ww 2. Yeah- very old cartridge- 1935. Get a rifle with a modern stainless barrel, clean the copper fouling, and never look back.

    Amo WILL be expensive. Do not know who is still making .220s- mine is an older Savage. The Swift is a LONG range varmint round. If you are not going more than 200, you might consider a .17 HMR. Have shot 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards with my Savage .17.
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    Thanks for in input guys.. I just looked into the new TC dimension rifle.. Thing is cool!!! Can shoot over 10 different calibers with simple barrel and parts changes.. Price is low, American made and ik these things are accurate.. I own a tc venture and the thing can preform sub moa at 100 yrds without a problem.. She can have her 204 ruger or 223 or 22-250 and ill take the 270 and 308 and 30-06!! Thing looks cool too!

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    I actually have a savage in 17 hmr.. Fun little round but she wants something with a little more kick! Take it she shoots a 12 ga semi auto trap shooting no problem.. And averages 15's to boot!!
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    So y did you waste your time posting this. Move along..
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    In 1953 i inherited a model 70 Winchester in .220 Swift caliber; made in 1939. The gun was re-barreled by the Winchester factory in 1965 and again in the mid 1970s. My other .220 Swift is a Ruger model 77. Not long ago i took that old Winchester to the range for the first time in many years. The first 5 shot group fired at 100 meters measured .7". After firing that group i quit shooting, came home, cleaned the gun and put it away. It will be going back to the range again soon.

    Buy the lady a .220 Swift.
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    One of my favorite cartridges!!!