What's Your Preffered Back-up sight for a Scoped Rifle?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by diggsbakes, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Traditional mounted (flip-up) w/ quick detach mount/rings

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  2. Side Mounted 3 or 9 o'clock

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  3. Scope mounted reflex/dot sight. Top, side or .45 deg

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  4. Other. . . check this out!

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  1. diggsbakes

    diggsbakes New Member

    What is your preferred, practical BUIS system and/or method(s) of usage for a scoped rifle?

    Quick detach mounts or rings. (If so list type and maker)

    Side Mounted. (3 o'clock for leftys, 9 o'clock for rightys.) Apparently this is used in 3 gun type matches. I've shot a rifle equipped with them and used them but haven't really made up my mind as to whether the speed you gain from taking off an optic (quick release) makes up for the snag factor.

    Top mounted red dot. Never used one, but they seem like they make a lot of sense as you just look over the scope for close up shots. They usually are open style and probably take a special mount???

    Feel free to share your other methods of BUIS utilization for quick "close-up" target acquisition switching from a scope as your primary optic.
  2. mjkeat

    mjkeat New Member

    BUIS = Troy

    QD scope mount = Larue

    I tried the ring route and just didnt like it

    Canted mount for RDS = Larue

    A trijicon doctor mounted above an ACOG or scope = slower than the canted micro RDS

    I wouldnt think the snag factor is really a factor. Id go w/ the RDS on a canted mount. If you go scope + RDS you wouldnt need to run BUIS.

  3. JonM

    JonM Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    since this in the AR forum im assuming thats what the question is limited to. my pref is the A1 format with carry handle see thru mount. i got troy industry flip up sights for my flattop 458 socom as backup. i dont normally put em on the upper but i got em and they hold zero when removed and re-mounted.

    the reason i prefer the A1 non removable carrying handle and A1 fixed fsb is no matter how rough i get they wont lose zero since you cant accidentally hit the adjustment wheel and move the sights.