What's wrong with the new Mini's?

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    Hi everyone. I'm a noob to this forum, and need some advice about Mini-14's. Way back in the late 70's-early 80-'s, I had a Mini-14, and it ran like a Swiss watch and was as reliable as an old Dodge Dart. Too bad I needed some money.

    Fast forward to 2013. I just got a Ruger Ranch Rifle at Wally Mart, and I'm a little disappointed. First, I'd read that they came with a 20 round mag, but all I got was that silly 5 round thing. Ok, it is what it is. So, I got some John Masen 20 rounders from galati, and they don't work at all. The ad said these don't work with models beginning with "580". Well, ok, my Mini starts with "582" so I'm good to go, right? I guess not. They lock up ok, but I have to bump-bump-bump the bolt open and closed with the heel of my hand-they drag so much. An old Ramline that worked 100% years ago doesn't work much better in this thing. Same with a Thermold.

    So, I've checked the sites that sell mags (including Ruger) trying to find magazines especially for series 580's or 582's, whatever-no such thing I guess (not that anyone has any mags at all).

    Can anyone tell me what gives with this thing? In a shtf situation, I'm better off with my sks than this R.R. with a 5 round magazine. If I'm stuck with it the way it is, I'm probably going to peddle it on G.B.

    I sold my AR15 (which worked 100% with any aftermarket mag I stuck in). Maybe that was a big mistake.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    It's the mags not the rifle, Promag or Ruger work in the 580 and up series. Like the add said, implying that minis 580 and newer they will not work. Ruger tightened the mag well dimensions on the 580 and newer series just a little. This causes problems for some of the aftermarket makers. Get some factory mags from Ruger (back orders are ok). I here good results from a Korean made mag from CDNN. Sell the mags you have to someone with an older style mini, you should be able to get all your money back, maybe a little more. I would be interested if the price is right.

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    I found that some after-market mags for my 581 would feed 223 ok but 5.56 would hang up. Ruger mags feed both just fine. Its a real crapshoot sometimes picking up mags at a gunshow. I've tossed more than a few after-markets in the trash, couldn't count on them.
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    Just go to the Ruger site and order mags there. The back order takes about a month, and they sent along a $10 gift certificate good on the next order when mine came.

    I have a 5805 I picked up in December, and I've yet to have a FTL, FTF, or FTE using the factory mags.

    The Mini is just a neat little rifle, shoots great all day and never disappoints.

    I've been fooling around fine tuning the sights, and I think I've got it dialed in.
    I put 60 rounds off the bench Thurs.- open sights at 100 yds. and only had 2 in the 7 ring. Everything else was primarily in the black with a dozen in the 8 ring.

    This little gun is really something I'm glad Bought!
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    based on your info, you're having a mag problem...not a mini problem.

    and it is a bit of a pain to have to only use factory mags, but in the end....whatever works. and the factory mags in my experience, work flawlessly. i was given the advice to never bother with the after markets, i really don't plan to.

    unfortunately for new mini owners RIGHT NOW....there is a a shortage of 20 and 30 round mags. this isn't a mini problem, this is an almost every gun problem right now. try finding pmags for your AR right now...if you do, open that wallet wide!!!!

    i wish i could tell you something better, but we are all in the same boat right now. some of us were just lucky enough to have gotten what we needed before this craze.

    i got plenty of mags, but finding ammo to feed them is my problem....:mad:
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    Maybe it was a mistake but your problem isnt the ruger its the junk mags. My 580 series has never malfunctioned with ruger 5 and 20rd mags and select promag 20rd mags.

    Personally I would rather have a mini-14 with 5rd mags than a SKS.
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    About all of the Ranch Rifles are offered in either 5 or 20 round versions, and are priced accordingly. The only thing I've seen Wally Mart offering in their online advertising, and available only for in store purchase, is the basic model 5801, blued, wood stock, 5 round version. In my experience, if you were able to get one of those bought at any time recently, you are very lucky. Just sayin!! ;)
  8. tCan

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    Get ruger mags. They're bullet proof and don't jam.