what's the right pistol?

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  1. stuntman19832000

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    hey, This question is mainly for the women. I don't know how many are on here, but hopefully there are some. My mom has decided to get her ccw license, and she has put me in charge of finding her the right pistol. My mom isn't a very big women at all. I'm stumped as to what would be the right caliber, and gun for her. I was thinking Ruger lcp, but i don't really like .380, It's just to small of a caliber to me. I was just wondering if any of you might have any ideas of what would be good for her. I don't want to buy something that is too big and then have to start all over again. thanks
  2. 1911Jeeper

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    Something simple like a revolver with no levers, push buttons, magazines, or other confusing stuff. A slide can be difficult to manipulate. Keep it point and shoot simple.

    Chosse a size, weight, and caliber firearm she can shoot well and won't cause flinching or other recoil issues.

    Maybe something in .327 Federal Magnum.
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  3. justdon

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    Simple go to a range where she can try out a few different guns and the one she is most comfortable with let her get that. Or as i told my girlfriend when she got a gun get the largest caliber you can handle. She has a keltec p3at. It works for her.
  4. CA357

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    My wife has a S&W model 60 .357 Magnum. It's loaded with .38spl. hollowpoints. It's small, relatively light, easy to point and handle and the recoil of the .38spl. is pretty mild. She loves it.
  5. stalkingbear

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    Let her check out something like the Ruger LCR .38 revolver. It'll fire regular and +P 38s, is lightweight, simple to operate, will not snap on anything during the draw, and is comfortable to shoot with regular 38s.
  6. Glasshartt

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    She is the only one who can decide if the gun is the right one for her or not. It has to feel right in her hand. She will be the one shooting it. The one that she likes may not be even on your radar, it may surprise you.
  7. danf_fl

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    Take her to the range and let her try as many as she can. I have a niece (who weighs about 90lbs soaking wet) who loves to shoot the 1911a1 in .45ACP. Training, technique, willingness to learn, and how comfortable she is with a firearm has to come into factoring what the best choice is for her. I don't tell my wife what shoes to wear. :)
  8. 30-30remchester

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    I have trained many women and men with limited experence with guns. Unless they are willing to put LOTS and LOTS of practice in, it has always been my belief that the double action revolver is the only safe choice. As stated above just point and shoot, period. Easy to check to see if its loaded. Easy to load and unload. Not ammo finiky. A 2" or 3" barreled 38 special is about as big as the average person can shoot accurately without extensive practice. I was at a bowling pin shoot just last week and with very experenced shooters and quality firearms. I saw so many gun malfuction with semi autos ( my Colt 1911 as well) that it reaffirmed my belief in revolvers. Most shooting incident happen so rapidly that there is no time to look for safety levers and buttons. While I was guiding big game hunter I saw yearly many hunters forget to take the safety off when presented with a shot at at animal. I can just imagine what would happen if in a life threatening situation.
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    The worse thing I ever did was pick a gun for a woman, I thought I knew exactly what she needed. After several frustrating trips to the range she surprised me by taking a defensive shooting course and picked a totaly different pistol, got her CC and all was right in the world.

    Hook Mom up with an instructor and some classes, they are far more objective than you can be. Afer she learns the basic she will be able to tell you what pistol is best for her. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  10. tekarra

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    I must echo the statements of others, let her try as meany as possible and let her decide. After all it will be her pistol, so let her go with what she feels comfortable.
  11. 30-30remchester

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    I must disagree with a few posts. In my opinion letting someone with limited experence choose is not a wise thing. I have a lady here in town that liked the feel of a Ruger LCP and bought it. Taking her to the range she discovered she couldnt load the clip or pull the slide back. After loading it for her, the first shot jammed and she couldnt clear the jam. To say she got bad advice is an understatement to say the least. Reminds me of the man I went to school with. His 16 yo daughter was allowed to pick her first car. She chose a car with a marginal safety record. Ten minutes after getting her licence, on the way home, her car caught the edge of the road and rolled. They buried their only daughter 4 days later. Would some other car had saved her? I know a convertable short wheel based suv wasnt the best choice.
  12. utf59

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    What most people mentioned was letting her *try*some guns and choose what she likes.

    I would also recommend that, if she hasn't been shooting, you rent/borrow a .22 so she can learn the basics and get comfortable before she rents a few guns and tries them out.

    stuntman, first of all, I like your avatar. Second, check out cornered cat. There's a lot of good advice from a woman's point of view.
  13. kdog

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    Take her to the range and have her try out different firearms.

    That is the only way to find a matching arm for her.

    In option, something like a CZ75 would come in handy, since a) double stack mag and b) small grip, that will fit small and medium hands and c) very good ergonomics and accuracy.
    Looking at a compact version or a SP-01 might be worth while.
    9mm Luger should work fine aswell and due to the higher weight of the steel frame on a CZ, the recoil isn`t that hard to compensate.
  14. big shrek

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    Broke my wife in on a .22lr, then took her to a gun show...she picked out a Taurus 24/7 C (compact 9mm).

    Now after training with the Taurus for awhile, she wants to move up to a .45ACP...so now we're renting those until she finds that perfect pistol fit :D

    She likes the look of the Para-Ordinance 6.45 LDA, but isn't fond of it's track record of problems. Anything similar out there that works better?

    Or if Kahr Arms would make a Black Rose .45, I think she'd be buying one in a hurry ;)
  15. Shihan

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    Not knowing how old you or your Mother is might we inquire, how old is your Mother? If it is OK to ask. Her age may play apart in what she is capable of shooting.
  16. stuntman19832000

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    Thanks, my great uncle was in the 82nd airborne during ww2, and he use to tell me all about it. That's where the avatar came from. As for the .22 i have a .22 revolver she fires all the time and she is very good with it. I guess i'm just a little to protective, and i don't want her carrying anything that might malfunction in any way lmao. So i'm trying to look at this from every single angle. Everyone here as given great advice. thanks to all of you, every question i have asked as been answer very well. She is 49 and i am 23, and just for future reference i will answer any question asked of me. If i have the answer of course.
  17. ScottA

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    Maybe Shihan can get RSG on here to throw her two cents in.