whats the fastest loading machine to use..

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by moneymaker17, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. moneymaker17

    moneymaker17 New Member

    i was wondering on ur guys input..
    i need a faster reloading machine, id like to make alot. i feel as if it takes forever. any advice would be helpful thanks
  2. JonM

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    the dillon xl1050 is the fastest but it doesnt have many caliber conversions and it takes a long time to convert from one to another.

    the best versatile fastest reloader is the dillon xl650.

  3. moneymaker17

    moneymaker17 New Member

    1300 on ebay :X ..
    but looks like its totaly worth it
  4. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Are you planning on going commercial with your reloading?

    I like Dillon's products for speed and accuracy. (and their no BS guarantee)
  5. BillM

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    No BS guarantee on the SDB, 550 and 650---1050 not so much. They
    consider it a commercial machine, and get a little iffy about replacing
    worn out parts.
  6. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I don't reload but I've talked to some who do. I would worry more about accuracy than speed. The guy I know won't use a progressive loader. He likes to check each load more than once. ;)
  7. hogrider

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  8. Catfish

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    The fastest would be the 1050 Dillon, but it`s for handgun only I believe. The 650 Dillon will do rifle or handgun and is nearly as fast. I own a 550 Dillon that will pump out ammo nearly as fast as the 650 and I would never want any other loader. I load for a large number of different rounds, something over 30, and the cost for me to get set up on any other press would be outragious. As for the friend of Winds of Change saying that you can`t get accurate ammo for a progresive press, unless he is a competive benchrest shooter, I would shoot for money with the ammo I load on my Dillon.
  9. noylj

    noylj Member

    The Super 1050 is the way to go.
    However, even more than the other Dillon presses, calibe conversions are expensive.
    For maximum speed, you will want a bullet feeder and someone to keep filling primer tubes.
    I have never used a bullet feed system, but I would look for one that feeds the bullet to the bullet seating die. The Hornady/RCBS bullet feeds take one station just to place the bullet on the case. This eliminates the used of a powder check die. I believe the GSI bullet feed and, maybe, the Mr Bullet feeder, places the bullet in position at the seating die (thus, requiring a caliber-specific seating die.
    For most, a 650 with the case feeder is more than adequate. I never needed a case feeder and found the Hornady L-N-L to be more than adequate.
    Then, there are the real ammunition production machines for high volume commercial loading.
  10. anm2_man

    anm2_man Member

    Just go BLUE - "XL650" You will be happy
  11. I've had an XL 650 for over fifteen years now. I load a fair amount of ammo, all calibers from .32 ACP to .35 Whelen. I load only for myself; not commercial sales.

    The XL 650 is the perfect machine for the loader who shoots up to - 3000 rounds a month, I'd say. I don't load that much, but it wouldn't be hard to do. Dillon powder measures deliver reliable and consistent drops of powder for pretty much everything I shoot. The most questionable loads are those with flake or extruded powders, and the variation is within limits for everything except ragged edge maximum loads (away from which I tend to shy.)

    The Dillon Super 1050 is a great, high volume machine. However, it is not as convenient to change calibers as the 650 or smaller Dillon machines. My understanding is the 1050 is used as a dedicated, one caliber machine for commercial loaders.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I've never used any of the other progressives. After buying and using the Dillon 650, I've never felt the need.
  12. alxltd1

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    I have 2 Dillon 550's and use them to load mostly handgun ammo in bulk. I have never been dissatisfied with the accuracy or speed which I can crank out cartridges. I still use an RCBS Rock Chucker and a Redding Turret press for my rifle ammo, just because of habit. I would imagine the Dillon 650 and 1050 are faster as you dont have to manually index the brass from station to station, but I have never felt the need to go any faster than the 550's. Good luck.
  13. Fisherking

    Fisherking New Member

    I have just picked up the Hornady AP progressive reloader and could not be happier. The powder througher is spot on . i checked every round for the first 20 and the variance was half of 1/10 of a grain.
    I reloaded 100 rounds of 45 acp in twenty minuts without a hicup.
    once u get used to it it will pound out the rounds.
    I was going to go dillon but I read reviews on both and decided to go with the Hornady mostly because it was $150 dollars cheaper.
    I have never used the Dillon 550 or 650. so I cant compare but i realy love my Hornady.

  14. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    Dillon 650. .

    Initial cost may seem painful, but when you get it setup, and your running 150 rds every ten minutes...ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.

    Strong mount, bullet tray, roller handle, powder check, casefeeder are a MUST.
  15. armsmaster270

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    I have the Dillon 550B it is not the fastest progressive but it is no slouch & it puts them out in a steady pace.