What's the Consensus About Running Oversized Bullets?

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    I’m wondering what the consensus is on running bullets 0.003” oversized?

    My Gewehr 88 has an “S” barrel, and was rechambered to take the original 7.92x57JS load – the S Patrone, the bullet of which had a body of 0.321” and a short driving band of 0.323”.

    I’ve been shooting low- to mid-range loads (depending upon whose data you go by) using 0.318” bullets.

    Now, those bullets are on the custom price side of the line. Premium 0.321” bullets (think LeveRevolution) are actually cheaper, and standard .32-20 bullets are less expensive yet.

    Additionally, I’d like something that starts engaging the rifling well just a bit sooner – I’d like to play with this, anyway, see how accuracy is.

    Does anyone see any problem with this? My bore slugs to 0.310”x0.318”.

    I don’t personally think it would be an issue.




    P.S. It’s been suggested I cast for this rifle. Honestly, I don’t want to. I don’t like the idea of casting for smokeless rifles. Just a silly idea I have. Thanks again, J.S.
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    Up to 0.002" over groove diameter is no problem at all.
    For lead bullets, I have loaded up to 0.004" over groove diameter without any issue.
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    Thanks folks.

    Due to the "S" chambering, I tried a Nosler Ballistic tip in it exactly once with a starting load when the rifle was first bought.

    I didn't like the way the recoil felt and so I have the remaining 49 sitting here pending a trade.

    I know cast bullets. I do cast my own in .452" and round balls for two muzzleloaders.

    Just seems wrong to me, like putting a Minie Ball down a Kentucky Rifle would be wrong.

    Not saying I'll never fire cast, but I do like to keep close to the original loads as possible. That means I fire round nosed 200 grain at about 2200fps (a starting load) and 150grn spitzer at about 2500fps (just a hair over starting), both jacketed. The S-Patrone would be a nice load to replicate too with the original bullet size, if safe.

    As I understand it, the domestically-produced "8mm Mauser" is downloaded and with a 0.321" bullet so as to keep liability down for these old girls.

    This is what lead me to believe that this load might be safe. Definitely not looking to be too hard on the rifle or anything else!



    P.S. A typo was pointed out to me. In the original post, I said .32-20 when I meant .32 Special. Sorry about that! J.S.
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