Whats the best 30-30

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  1. forever27

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    Hey guys, been looking to buy a new deer gun. My dad always used a 30-30 up here in Maine and I've always loved it. Wondering your opinions on the best make/model? Been looking at a Marlin but I'd love some advice from others! Thanks!
  2. c3shooter

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    The Winchester 94 and the Marlin 336 are respectively the #1 and #2 most popular deer rifles in the US. I am partial to the Marlin for several reasons, but have heard complaints of quality problems lately. You may also want to look at the Henry 30-30.

  3. cottontop

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    The best 30-30 is the one kept in the closet. Actually the best 30-30 is the .35 Remington. The 35 is available in the Marlin 336 and using a heavier bullet at close to the same velocity as the 30-30, it hits harder and is a much better killer of deer sized game. I have also found the accuracy to be much better. I would never use a 30-30 on game.
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  4. Demonlx

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    I would say a marlin...I had a Winchester but I had to cock the scope to the side on it because that's where the spent rounds eject...I like both but I like the marlin the best.
  5. JTJ

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    My choice would be a good used Marlin. Next would be an angle eject Winchester. I too like the 35 Remington but they are not as readily available as the 30-30. I have been seeing quite a few used Remington pumps in 35 caliber lately.
  6. Dearhunter

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    Best 30-30

    Many moons ago, I started out with a Winchester 30-30, but after one hunting season, I went with the Micro-grove Marlin 336. 30-30 because it ejects the shells out the side. I was so pleased with the Marlin, I added a 35 caliber to my collection. You may want to consider going with the 35 right off the bat! Great knock down power and with the new Hornady loads, you can reach out and touch with it very good at 200 yards or more.
  7. hawkguy

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    huh? look, i'm far from an expert, but last i remember reading, the 30-30 has taken more deer than any other caliber. i've never heard of anyone who said a 30-30 was inadequate for deer hunting within 100-200 yards. its pretty common to use them hunting black bear as well from what i understand.

    it may not be the best out there anymore, but its been getting the job done a long time now.

    btw, i own a marlin 336. AWESOME rifle.
  8. rifleman1

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    i have a 336 and a 94 and they both have taken deer flawlesly i would not hesitate to recomend either one for a beginner shooter or a newbie.
  9. KalashnikovBlood

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    Marlin possibly? My uncle has one I'm not sure of the model

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    I would suggest you look for an older Model 336 Marlin in 30-30.
    I also have been hearing that the newer ones are not as good as the older ones? The good thing also about the older ones is that a lot of people bought them and hardly ever shot them. So they are like new! A gun show is a good place to find a dealer with one or one of the people attending the shot who have their own rifle for sale! Also can usually get a good deal.
    I like the Marlin also because of the ease of mounting a scope on it.
  11. BodySnatcher

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    I bought a Marlin 336 .30-30 for my son this past Christmas. His mother told him if he earned half the money he could get it.

    (I stupidly asked if I could get the same deal, she said, sure you are paying the other half...)

    He shot 4 rounds out of it before I declared it unsafe. Big disappointment.

    Marlin took it back, had it for 10 weeks.

    Now it is a smooth as glass, I am amazed at how well that 13 year old kid can shoot with the iron sights. He can hit the 8" gong 2 out of 3 times at 150 yards. Hell I can't even see it, but I can hear it!

    So from a sample size of 1, Marlin has some QC issues, but in the end, its a fine firearm.
  12. racingfanatic

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    I just bought a 94 and love it but if you plan on scoping it i would recommend the marlin also try and handle both the 94 fits me better due to the straight stock but my buddy prefers the marlin stock go with what feels comfortable you cant go wrong
  13. Axxe55

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    i have owned many Winchester M94's over the years and one Marlin M336. the Marlin feels more robust that the Winchester and seems like the action is a little smoother, might even be a little more accurate. i don't think a deer will know the difference though. for a hunting rifle, i would go with the Marlin because unless the Winchester is an angle eject, it makes mounting the scope easier. now IMO, i like the action on the Marlin better, but i like the looks of the Winchester better. i have a Winchester m94, in 30-30 and though it's an angle eject and set up to use a top mounted scope, it will probably never have one as long as i own it.
  14. Georgiahunter

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    What about the lengths of the two? It looks like the Winchester is longer.
  15. glockman55

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    Winchester Model 94.
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  16. Georgiahunter

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    To all those not recommending .30-30s, the OP said he was looking FOR .30-30s, not a deer rifle in general. Please keep this in mind.
  17. Model70

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    With the Hornady Leverevolution ammo, the old 30/30 certainly has got a new lease on life. I had some hot loads worked up 150 gr round noses, and the factory Hornady's were 1' higher at 100 yards. If its a 30/30 your wanting, that's what I be looking to shoot. And now Hodgden has released the powder they use and the FTX bullets are available so you can recreate it yourself.

    I shoot a Marlin 336 C. I bought it in 2007, I don't know when they started having the quality issues but I've really been happy with mine. I had one issue, when it was brand new it would pop the lever open when I was putting shells in the magazine. But a quick trip to the smitty and that was solved.

    Shoots great to. I just use the iron sights, (the C comes with a hooded front sight FYI :)) and I can place all my shots were I want them at 100 yards. We set out some clay pigeons we had and I went 6 for 6 as fast as I could work the lever.

    My buddy's little sister shot a little garden raiding buck last fall using leverevolution bullets in a 45/70, hit it in the neck, I was shooting clean up with the 30/30 and put him down for good.

  18. Intheshop

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    We keep a 336,30-30 here with a nice older fixed 3x Weaver....Handloads with Hornady 150's.Its the gun that gets loaned out to guys/friends who are visiting and want to go Deer hunting.It works for lefty's and righty's......is very safe...ect,ect.It has accounted for dzs of Deer....some were "firsts".Its just a nice,easy to use setup.Don't think we'd ever be without a 336....they're that handy.

    A few years ago,it got loaned out for a whole season.One of my boys friends grew up over here,shooting guns and bows.........came from a family that never hunted.After several seasons of this kid bringin home the "bacon" with his 336,he asked to borrow ours.It was so he and his dad could go hunting together.It worked....dad now goes hunting.Just a real neat story.Shopnut
  19. 303tom

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    What was unsafe about it ???????????
  20. MPsteelshooter87

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    I would take my 94 over a marlin anyday.