whats requirments for competion shooting

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  1. grprecon

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    my sons 15 years old is that allowed for pistol competitions in uspsa ipsc etc to participate in
  2. c3shooter

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    Both organizations are open to persons old enough to own a gun. 15 does not meet that. However, USPSA has a JUNIORS division. Do a Google search for their home page, and click the link to Juniors.

  3. Flint Rock

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    IDPA will allow 15 year old shooters, but the parent must be present for the match. The match ain't no mall that you are dropping the kids off at.
  4. Wornouttrails

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    IDPA Matches

    Safety is the key, rather than age, we have allowed 10 yrs old to shoot in our local IDPA Matches.... These kids had far better safety training that most adults who attend their first match....As a Safety Officer we take the Parent and the young shooter aside and after they have demostrated their ability to safely handle their weapon (draw, reload, unload, show clear), the Parent and young shooter then receive the New Shooter Safety Briefing. Only if we deem the young shooter competent and safe do we allow them to shoot....
    The Safety Officer in charge of the Squad they are then asigned is also aware of the 1st time young shooter and is watched and coached very close.........
    I have seen some great young shooters at these matches, they have been coached and trained by very knowledgeable instructors , and often finish the match ahead of their Parent..................Safety First, Always!.........

    Thanks, W.T.
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    15 years doesn't means that he cant shoot but safety is the best key