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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BigO01, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Between a post on another board and a local news story I starting thinking with CCW laws popping up just how careful a person needs to be before he intervenes in a situation or he could find himself charged with murder .

    In the forum post a guy says he takes a bus to work due to the high gasoline prices and one day when arriving near the bus stop he sees two men fighting .

    There are apparently a few others standing there just watching the whole thing and after giving a sound beating to the man the other jumped up and gets on a bicycle and just takes off right before the police arrive .

    Now the poster said while the whole fight was going on he didn't notice the bike or even a women not far off who appeared badly beaten herself .

    It turns out the man who was beaten up was the initial aggressor and attacking the women and the guy on the bike was riding by and stopped and protected her .

    Lesson is , things aren't always what they seem and you could be aiding the wrong person if you got involved .

    In the news report on Monday we had a second Tiger attack in two days here in Missouri or so it was reported , seems a customer at a park asked a 16 YO worker to take a picture of the cats for them and he entered their cage and was attacked by 3 adult cats . Tuesday night the news reports they have witnesses that now say a tiger was actually saving the kids life .

    They claim that he slipped and fell and hit his head on a rock knocking himself out and landed in a pool of water face down and would have drowned had it not been for a single cat picking him up by his neck and dragging him out of the water .

    The only thing consistent in the story was that he is in critical condition with puncture wounds in his neck .

    Amazing how a number of people can all see the same thing and come away with completely different versions of what happened .

    So if in a crowd you never know how people will view your actions from their point of view and report it to the cops , could make a huge difference as to how you're treated if you involve yourself in any situation .
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    If you use force against another person for any reason, whether you are right or wrong, you will be detained, questioned and possibly charged with a crime (even if you were preventing a worse crime).

    The guy on the bike had the right idea: scram before the cops show up.

    Pretty sad, ain't it?

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    Sorta like the story about the guy with an old car- painted right half blue, left half red. Said "Yeah, looks pretty crappy- but MAN- you oughta see the witnesses arguing with each other!"

    Seriously, as the man said- if you fire a weapon (notice I did not say SHOOT someone) in a public place, anticipate detention, questioning, and having to defend yourself. Legally, that is. My sidearm is for when ALL else has failed.
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    As a civilian CCW holder, it would be in your best interest to use the weapon for self defense and the defense of your own family. If you choose to extend beyond that realm, you run a significant risk of legal problems (criminal and civil). I know that most of us on this forum feel that we should help others in need. Sometimes it is better to be a good witness than to get in over your head. Never forget the first part of the "Carry a big stick" saying. "Tread softly"

    As a full time LEO I have an obligation to intervene when possible to prevent a crime. Even I have the option of not intervening if doing so is likely to make the situation worse. Understand that you have many options and will likely be "Monday morning quarterbacked". The SCOTUS has ruled that I (as a Peace Officer) will be judged on a "resonableness" standard. As long as the option I choose is a reasonable one (not necessarily the best option) I am exempt from liability. You, as a civilian, may not be judged by the same "resonablness" standard. If you did not choose the "best" option, you are VERY liable bot criminally and civilly.