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  1. McLothian

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    Hey all. Im trying to keep my Marlin 600 in better shape, by not using it as much. So im in the market for a new 'fun' gun. My criteria is cheap, semi auto, and something with a box mag. Preferably the highest capacity aftermarket one I can find. The 10/22 is what everyone will probably say. BUT. Im cheap and I like my guns that way. Lol. I looked into the Marlin 995 and Rem 597. I really like Mossbergs 22s but I havent looked into them. So what would you fellows suggest for me? Is there any kick butt rifles with a healthy aftermarket for cheap out there?
  2. JonM

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    Just the 10/22 used ones are cheap and after a good cleaning shoot just as good as new ones.

    If you got an ar15 the cmmg conversion or dedicated 22 upper doesnt get any cheaper. Can get 50 round drums for em. Then you have access to any accessory a regular ar has.

  3. RecklessRegard

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    I just picked up an ad at Dick's and 10/22s are selling new for 199 and the stainless is 249... If you want a new one...
  4. McLothian

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    No AR15, and I don't own anything that excepts conversions. I am s.o.l. I guess I answered my own question about the 10/22. Haha. Its just a really awesome rifle. I will have to dig around and see if I can find a nice used one.
  5. od green

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    If you are on the cheap the mossberg 702 might be the ticket, my buddy has one his daughter bought him for X-mas and man it's a shooter. Eats almost anything but subs and with a scope it's plenty accurate and LIGHT and has had no malfunctions as far as I know and we shoot a lot. As far as high cap i think your limited to 10 rds but mags are cheap and easy to find. Me being cheap myself I might have to pick one up. Also check out u-tube as there is a ton of information on take down and such.
  6. big shrek

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    Um...why not stick with whatcha know??

    Get a Marlin 795!! Marlin also has a $25 rebate good until the end of the year on 'em :)
    Box mag...easily pimpable...better precision...Here's my 795 with a Ramline stock :D

    BTW, the Ramlines are BACK IN STOCK for only $15.40!!! Fits 60 & 795's with minor mod for LSHO.

    Or a Marlin 70-P Papoose...breaks down easily for Storage!!
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