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What's next?

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Hey guys, let's take a quiz. What's the next gun you are probably going to BUY, not want/lust after, just plain buy, and why?

I will buy either a Smith & Wesson model 60 Pro Series or the 3" model with the HI Viz sights. This will take the place of my 686+ as my woods carry gun. A snake shot backed up by four 125 grainers for bigger, meaner critters:p . The 686+ will get retired, maybe replaced someday by a 686 SSR.

Wants are a 610, a SW1911 DK, and a Fusion Arms 10mm.
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I'd like a Smith Enterprise M14SE SDM and a Les Baer Concept VII.
I'm thinking Kel-tec P-11. Should be perfect for a CCW.
If the new government gift of my own money comes in, maybe a gun safe instead of a gun. Otherwise I'm thinking about a new levergun. Just haven't decided whether to look for a vintage Winchester or pick up a clone in .357.
My next gun will be the next gun I see that I think is priced to cheap. Might be anything. Rifle, shotgun or handgun. I shop for gun buy price reather than a certain gun.
I shot a baby desert eagle in .45 at the range the other day. I like the way it felt. It will probably be the next weapon I purchase, either in .45 or .40.
Glock 19 or 23 for sometime CC and just plain fun.
I'll buy a 38 special of some kind for the wife to carry, or at least thats what im supposed to buy , there are alot of guns out there I dont own ,so it will be tough to stick to the 38 but if shes happy, I'm happier because I can buy more guns.
AR-15 9mm carbine for me and XD-9 for the S.O.
Bought it yesterday as my local store had it priced less than Bud's:

Kahr P45
S&W Pro 1911

It's not what I said I was going to get,,,,,,,,,,,,but I ordered a S&W Pro Series 1911
A Barret .50 I already have eveything I need to cover 6" - 500yds.
Either a FEG PA 63 or a Charter Arms Undercover (.38 Special )
M4 type .223 - don't have any rifles yet.
Kimber .45
Just added another I wanted, a Dan Wesson .357 so for the time being I'm satisfied with my collection...

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