What's In your range Box/Bag??

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  1. DrFootball

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    I recently bought one of MTM-Case Gard's outstanding Sportsmen's Dry utility boxes, while also picking up some of their bullet boxes & a Gun Vise/cleaning rest. So what does everyone pack in their Range Boxes/Bags for a ay at the range??
  2. NobleEagle

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    I pack 2 sets of eyes, two sets of ears, couple of sets of ear plugs (always have backup or for new friends), two pens (to log distance & bullet description), very small binoculars, targets, sight adjustment tools, a bore snake, ammo and/or spare mags, a cloth to wipe things down. All of these things are what I personally have in my range bag. I know it's overkill but I was always taught two is one and one is none. I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing what others have in theirs.

  3. Axxe55

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    as i have a 100 yard range right in the backyard and my storage building right there is where i keep all my reloading and shooting items, i don't have a range bag persay.

    but if i were going to different place to shoot other than here at home, i would thnk that there were some essential items that should be taken.

    1. shooting glasses, clear and smoked.
    2. hearing protection of some type.
    3. cleaning brushes and rod, or a boresnake.
    4. a few tools for minor repairs, dependent upon the firearm.
    5. bore solvent, grease and gun oil.
    6. stapler or tape for securing targets.
    7. magic marker for making notes on targets.
    8. notebook for making notes about misc. things, or load data record book if working up loads.
    9. firearm specific accessories, such as mags, chokes, ect.....
    10. shooting gloves.
  4. therewolf

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    A small tool kit, a cleaning kit, extra targets,

    a large bag for used brass, safety gear, rags.

    A scope and tripods.
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  5. johnr1943

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    Way too much!! :D
  6. Nun

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    Try to keep it simple. I went threw that stage where I thought I needed 5 of everything. The more stuff I lugged to the range the more frustrated I got.
  7. hkhunter

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    I wish i could just have one box. I use a range box for stapler, staples, lube, cleaner, small tools- always screwdrivers. I also have big mouth bags. One for ammo- rifle, one for patches and cleaning kit. Usually have a big mouth with pistol, its ammo, Blackhawk holster. I usually have another bag wit special tools that i need every other trip. I fix other peoples problems at least every 2-3 trips cause they did not bring anything. Since I started as a 4H rifle instructor it has been less frustrating to fix problems at the range quickly and not waste a range day. Have you ever got to the range and forgot ammo?
  8. jjfuller1

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    Well let's see....

    A handful of ear plugs
    My ear muffs
    Gloves... If its cold
    Targets... Lots of target
    Pens and markers
    Notebook.... Sometimes
    Speed loader
    Spotting scope.... If shooting rifles

    That's all I can think of at the moment
  9. DrFootball

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    These are all great answers! & HK YES I have once forgotten to bring some ammo according to my wife, who couldn't find the 150 rounds I put in her Blackhawk bag for the Browning .22. so I go out to the front counter and buy 200 more, and we wind up bringing home 250 rds. when we came there with 300!

    I was hoping to "cut" back a bit, but I see whats needed and what is not..

    This week we took 7 guns to the range, But MY DW only shot her .22 and a new friend's(who we met at the range Yesterday) Sig .380. I shot both her Ruger SP 101 and the one I gave her that was my Dad's service gun(Security Six with a 5" Bull Barrel), Plus my Mossberg .22, the 2 Ruger .9's, and my Kel-Tec .22 Magnum carbine. our pal Lyle also shot his .45's, his J-frame .38, and some time with our guns. We also helped an older couple with the Wife's .22 Sig pistol and husband's Walther PK .380...

    We had 3 Bags with 2 Guns each, plus the rifle case, and in the Box: Ammo(aside from pre-loaded mags) small piecemeal cleaning kit: breakfree-clp, Remington Oil wipes(6) some patches, an Allen wrench, a Leatherman Multi-tool, some jewelers screwdrivers, a small compressed air can. and a small penlight. Still trying to figure out if we should bring a shooting rest or not.
    It's been years since I shot Revolvers on a steady basis, but I did surprisingly better then expected....Might have had something to do with wearing my regular glasses under my tinted range glasses...:)