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    So, what’s this Knowledge Base all about and what’s contained in there? The Knowledge Base was set up for this website to provide, for its members, how to guides and information from Real World Situations and past history. A lot of these articles and posts are from people with many years of experience in the given fields they discuss and come complete with pictures for ease of use.

    So, what kind of articles are we talking about? Below is a list of the current information that is contained in the Knowledge Base – with more being added all the time:

    World War Steel Cased .45s

    Terminal Ballistics

    Bed Side Concealment

    Handloading With Military Surplus Powder

    Interview: Master Gunsmith Brett Evans

    Reloading Cost Breakdown For .223. Does It "Pay" To Reload?

    Creating a Standard Deviation calculator in MS Excel

    How To: Build an AR Lower Receiver

    Tumbling loaded ammo THE TEST

    Critical Headspace

    OODA Loop & Combat Mindset

    What do I Need to Reload?

    How To: Measure YOUR Length of Pull

    U.S. Army~Between the .38 and .45 ACP

    Working with an Engraver

    How To Sight-In A Hunting Rifle

    Food Guide

    Water Purification

    Firearms for a Survival group and why?

    So, how do I get access to the Knowledge Base? There are two ways. You can submit an article yourself. Something that is well written, with pictures, for the rest of the folks to read and learn from. If it is accepted, you will become a “published” author here at the website and you will receive an upgraded membership. You will officially be a sponsoring member of this website. The other way, which is also beneficial, is to sponsor the website for $12 for a one year membership. Proceeds go to the further development of the website and to keep it running.

    Either method is encouraged and both allow you access to the Knowledge Base where many more articles and posts are planned from the current contributors, and probably a few others we don’t yet know about.

    Give it some thought – there are some great articles in there that could be of use to you moving forward.

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