What's happening with Gold & Silver

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    Very interesting analysis on what is happening in the gold and silver markets right now.

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    It is interesting, but has no effect on the average joe on the street except for a slight increase in price for goods used. Gold of and by itself has no value to the average consumer except in the form of jewelry or consumer electronics. The transfer back to Germany of their gold would only be 2.4 Billion USD per year. And depending on the amount of trade deficits that Germany will incur during this period, it could be substantially less than that. The only real value it has is in providing a line of credit for the Bank of Germany in expanding it's manufacturing ability in that country.

    Gold is expensive to store, expensive to ship and provides only the ability to have real credit power. If all countries wanted their gold back at the same time, the whole system would collapse and wars will start again. The International Monetary Fund will not let that happen.

    Nice piece though but not firearms related. Unless one is thinking of going to Canada to dig for gold. (LOL)
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    system wouldn't collapse... unless the gold we are holding for other countries is not actually in possession, which some have suggested.