whats good to hunt in Texas

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Double_tap, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Double_tap

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    Hey this question goes out to the Texans on here, I am moving to Texas in the near future and I want to know what game is good to hunt out there, and maybe some advice for my future hunts. I grew up in Western PA hunting every thing from bear to squirrels, didnt get to hunt animals while on Active duty and been shooting rabbits and coyote in NV for the last 2 years.
  2. Txhillbilly

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    Native game from squirrels to Mule deer,all kinds of varmint hunting,Feral hogs,Alligators,and just about every kind of Exotic animal you can think of.

    The bad thing about hunting in Texas is the lack of Public hunting lands.There are places to hunt,but most are draw/lottery for big game.
    Otherwise,you will have to pay big bucks for a lease,unless you have your own property or know people that do.

  3. Comeswithbacon

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    The deer is pretty good. And the Hog ain't bad either.
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    To add shotgun hunting, Dove, Quail, Goose, Duck, Teal, Pheasant, Woodcock (especially challenging) and Turkey.
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    What region are you moving to? Texas is pretty large and game will vary on where you are located, but you can expect whitetail, hogs, coyotes, etc and a vast array of water fowl and other flying critters.
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    I live in Tennessee but Texas is one of my favorite places to hunt. I get out there about two or three times a year for a week or two each time. My best friend from Amarillo and I hunt in central Texas SW of Dallas about a hundred miles. The deer hunting is fantastic as well as hogs and turkey! I will see probably 30 deer a day and usually end up with a nice Texas Buck. They are not as big as the Midwestern and PA Monsters but there are a bunch. In the Midwest and PA you might be lucky to see a good buck a day? You will love it and probably as I become addicted to the Lone Star! We also coyote hunt and have a blast prarie dog hunting. He and I killed 300 one afternoon last fall. Take plenty of ammo "Oh yes and maybe a loader! LOL Watch out for the Rattlers! They like prairie dogs too!!! Good Luck and enjoy Texas!

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    i go back home to texas every deer season to hunt there. i go after hogs javelina rabbits(with a 1911) coyote deer. i will also take the odd rattler or 6 on occasion.

    as said above not a lot of public hunting like in the midwest. most is leased or permission based in the case of hog and yote control.