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  1. GEN4G22

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    So I carry a Glock 22 at the money! Yes a full size! Lol I am a small guy with a huge gun!! I carry it in a galco king tuck! Love carrying but just a little big for some clothes. So...I'm debating the next small gun!! Kinda between the pf9 and the ruger lcp!! What u think? Which do u prefer? Pros and cons ??
  2. shooterfan1974

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    Kahr CM9, a bit more $ than a PF9 or LCP, but IMHO, a good compromise on size, performance, and value.

  3. hardluk1

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    Guess it depends on what small. How are you going to carry it. I would buy a Taurus TCP before anyother micro 380. best trigger in any defense pistol. Slide hold open. Sights that can be used and not picky about ammo used and maccurate for a micro pistol. If you want a 9mm will you pocket or iwb.

    If pocket carry'n the DB9 but only from the lastest run, pf-9 and cm9. If iwb kt p11, cw9, shield, nano and of course the g26 or 27.

    I am one that does not like mixing trigger types for CC or even how the gun feels in the hand. Only because of that if a small iwb is wanted the baby glocks would be my first choice, then the shield because of the same basic trigger design. If a new smaller cc will be your main CC then pick what YOU like the feel of and shoot fairly well. Any trigger can be learned just have to pick one on your own.
    I love glock and the M&P when the triggers have a apex kit but I carry kahrs.
  4. phildenton

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    Id recommend a compact glock, that way you have the same manual of arms, a 26 maybe? I dont remember, im not a glock guy.
  5. Str8tShooter

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    I love my G27, carry it 80% of the time. S&W J-frame the rest. Will buy Shield 9mm when I get the chance.