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    depends. past 50-75 yards 17hmr starts losing gas fast. 22wmr will down yotes easily at 150+ yards from a rifle. 22wmr is more widely available although 17hmr is pretty common nowadays.

    i would consider 17hmr for pest critters like racoons possums skunks at short range at best. other than that target shooting and plinking.

    22wmr is good for yote sized pests at longer ranges. i consider the 17hmr on par and capability with the 22lr. i still give the 22lr a slight edge. 17hmr, i think, is a solution looking for a problem.

    if i had to pick one i would go with 22wmr, more versatile.

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    The .22WMR is a great little round. The .17HMR is a fun cartridge also, but as stated above lacks the ability to anchor game as well. On a perfect day, no breeze, perfectly still the .17 will shoot farther, but toss in a slight 5 MPH cross wind and it effects the .17 much more. Both are fine for vermin such as woodchucks out to 120 yards. I am not a huge fan of the 30..33gr .22 mags, I like the older 40grHP's. If you are looking for any penetration w/ the .17 you need to use 20gr. game points. If I could have just one of them, .22WMR.
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    IMO, if your are wanting a Magnum rimfire for hunting purposes, go with the 22WMR as it will have much better ballistics and power for those type of needs and will give much better results on larger varmints than the 17HMR at increased distances. now if looking for a Magnum rimfire for target shooting, i would suggest the 17HMR as it has an edge in MV over the 22WMR, and if all you're shooting are paper targets, knockdown power isn't an issue. i have a Savage M93r17 heavy barreled bolt action in 17HMR and bought it because i knew i wouldn't be hunting with it, and anything that could be hunted with it, my Marlin M60 22lr can take care with ease and is much lighter. these are just my thoughts on this.
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    The .22 WMR has more thump & the .17 is just barely 100fps faster.................so which is better ?
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    Thank you everyone for ur input and opinions I will just stick with buying my 22 mag, considering the Marlin 25mn is what I'm leaning towards buying. Thank you again.