whats a good rifle

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by 1911beast, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. 1911beast

    1911beast New Member

    what is a good rifle for small game hunting. and what animals could you hunt with that weapon
  2. hardluk1

    hardluk1 Active Member

    Define small game please. Bunny's and tree rats up to 50 yards or paririe dogs at 400yards. And do you have a budget in mind.

  3. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    For tree, ground squirrels, Rabbits, Crows (where legal), Doves(where legal), a .22RF is hard to beat at 75 yards. A 20ga shotgun is also great for bunnies, crows, doves, other game birds, and waterfowl. Shorter distances though, 30..40 yards. You can always move up to .22wmr or .17hmr. The HMR destroys to much meat IMHO.
  4. unclebear

    unclebear New Member

    pellet rifles are good for squirrels, crows, and even some neighbors, but if you want something that goes bang 22lr, 22 mag, 17 hmr...etc work pretty well.

    Personally for rabbits, crows, and other game that I can find on the ground I use my bow... but for rifles there usually some of the better ones for small game
  5. mauser757

    mauser757 New Member

    I have a Diana 34 p pellet gun that I use to shoot the squirrels in my neighborhood.(i live in a densely populated neighborhood) the good thing about it is that i dont have to worry about the squirrels running into my neighbors yard, it has pretty good stopping power. It does a great job up to about 40 yards then it gets a little iffy. If you are looking for a pellet gun I would recommend it but I had a budget of 200, if you don't have a budget then get a pcp rifle. I know a good deal about air guns so let me know if you have any questions.