What's a good powder for defensive 410 loads?

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    As the title implies, I'm ever so closer to sneaking up on my defensive 410 load but I need to find a forgiving 410 powder that would allow Lee scooping to dish out the powder. I really don't want to mess with scales and tricklers and the like. Just think, even some of the most expensive shotgun loaders use bushings or volume-metric measured powder so scooping is not too far out of the question.

    Here's my load thus far:

    MagTech brass .410 hulls

    CCI 300 large pistol primers

    Ballistic Products Stretch 410 wads

    Ballistic Products Mini Nitro over load card wads

    Hand Cast Lee 4 pellets of #000 buckshot

    Lee sized to .339 from .360 round balls

    Reason for all of this is that I'm most familiar with brass hull loading from my days in SASS. I also have most all of the equipment save a metallic cartridge die that would allow me to put a slight roll crimp on the brass? (any help?). By going to the Lee #000 buck, I can get a six pour, 18 cavity mold. The sizing will clean up the sprues and sort of turn them into a flat based oblong bullet that will fit perfectly between the selected hull and wad. And yes I plan on having the pellets keyhole at 15 or so downrange. Should be a devastating load. Not looking to knock me on my rear with this load, but the pellets don't really need to be going that fast in a house distance well patterned load. So not counting the wad or over shot nitro card, the pellets at 68 grains a piece would be 272 grains for four of them. Sounds like a lot, but in SASS I was shooting 300 grain 45's and by nature of the size of the bullet I ended up using less powder than say a 200 grain bullet.

    What do you think of the Aliant 410 powder for this load?
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    Defensive .410, I would just use 3 inch #2`s !.............

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    What are we shoting this load out of. Pistol or shotgun? I don't knwo of any .410 loads that will knock a shooter on his rear.

    If you cannot find a powder that directly scoops the exact ammount that you need, you can see if you can borrow a scale and make your own powder dipper out of a empty shell casing and some coat hanger wire. If you can borrow a scale you would dip a brass case that has been cut a bit generously for the ammount of powder you need. Make a handle out of the coat hanger wirewrapped into the recess of case head near the rim. Then scoop powder and weigh. Then file a little off of the shell, scoop and weigh. Repeat the filing and weighing until you get the ammount of powder dropped consistently. Then make a tag for the scoop that states the powder and weight that it throws.

    I've done this to fill in gaps in the Lee powder scoops for particular loads I wanted to try that the powder dippers didn't quite match for the powders I wanted to try.
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    Where were you finding the powder gaps in the Lee set of scoops? Was it on the larger or smaller end of the range of scoops? When I was loading BP loads for SASS it was that the scoops did not go large enough so I found a scoop that threw half of the necessary charge and I just doubled up when loading.
    I really do not like doing that however, since there is a greater chance of just getting one scoop, three scoops, or none at all. Thanks again. Smithy.