what's a good, inexpensive starter gun

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by pilotdog68, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. pilotdog68

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    I'm just getting into shooting handguns, and am getting ready to purchase my first. Right now my funds are very limited, but i don't want a piece of garbage. I am attracted to the Ruger P95 and Bersa thunder9, mainly because of cost and reviews. I considered a .22, but i really think i want to start with a 9mm. I do have somewhat big hands. And there are no ranges within 300 miles that rent guns.
  2. SigArmored

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    Also try CZ ,Beretta PX4,Smith and Wesson sd9ve ,Sig Sauer 2022 there are many these are the first to come to mind that are a great value with quality in mind.

  3. c3shooter

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    First, if you have a good local gun shop, look carefully among the USED firearms. You may find some unexpected bargains there.

    Second, I am going to suggest that rather than a 9, your first SHOULD be a .22. Matter of fact, a Ruger .22. Careful shopping, you can find a nice NEW one for about $300, and a good used one for less.

    The habits, practices and skills you develop with a .22 will carry over into other firearms, and with budget being tight, you will shoot a LOT more with a .22 than with a 9mm.
  4. pilotdog68

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    Is there anything wrong with s&w .22? I regularly see them for around $200 new.

    I'm shying away from used guns right now out of fear that my inexperienced eyes will miss damage or a flaw or something
  5. BeyondTheBox

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    I think that's a wise decision.

    So would be the Bersa!
  6. FrontierTCB

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    I got a Ruger 22/45 for $300 new couple months ago. It's not a cary gun of course but a blast to shoot. Fun little plinker. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  7. danf_fl

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    The idea of a .22 is good for starters, but try to find someone to help you get the basics down.

    Going on your own, you will develop habits that will be hard to break later. So you might as well learn correctly now.

    Getting with a bunch of guys at the sand pit is not the ideal way to learn, either.

    Oh, please excuse my manners. Welcome to the Firearmstalkforum.
  8. kbd512

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    That's a pretty simple question to answer.

    There is no such thing as a reasonably priced handgun. You either have a reliable tool that goes bang when you pull the trigger or you don't. If you're interested in paying for a tool that may be pressed into service to kill people who are trying to kill you, then you need something that is reliable and functional.

    If you have to spend more time at work to save up more money to purchase a reliable handgun, then do so. I know money doesn't grow on trees, but there's no point in having a tool that isn't reliable and functional.

    If you need to buy a used tool because money is tight, just make sure it wasn't abused. Have a gunsmith go over the gun and make sure it functions properly and doesn't have worn or broken parts.

    To answer your question, Ruger generally builds reliable and functional firearms at relatively low prices.
  9. Fathead00

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    The P95 was my first handgun. It's very reliable and I still shoot the crap out of that gun!!! You really can't go wrong with a Ruger.;)
  10. GeneralPatton

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    That's a great question to ask. One I wish I would have asked many years ago. My first two handguns (mind you I was 21 and hellbent on something to carry with no budget) were a Lorcin 9mm and a Jennings 9mm. They were (and if still around use are) piles of shiat. The Jennings was brand new, and it would fire one round, then fail. Chamber another one and the same. It only fired every other round chambered. After that, I bit the proverbial bullet (pun intended) and bought a Glock. (I still have it too)
    Depending on your usage makes the real decision here. I have a Walther P22 that I love to go plink around with, and my wife and daughter shoot it. I carry either a Glock Model 30 or Sig P938. Your best bet is still to go to a rental range and shoot a variety even with the drive, cause once you buy it you own it like it or not. I've had quite a few handguns that I wanted so bad I didn't shoot them first, and most of them were sold at a small loss to get something else. Find what fits your needs, what's comfortable in your hand, what just fits you. Then save a little to get something of quality. The worst things to skimp on in life are Toilet Paper, Beer and firearms:cool:
  11. mi77915

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    I second that !!!!! That is EXACTLY what I did when I first started out. I got myself a M&P.22 and was able to shoot a lot of rounds for the money.
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  12. blindshooter

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    I don't think these guns cost much, but I started with a Ruger MK3 and went to the Sig because I wanted to get the feel for a 1911.
    I don't think a Ruger 1911 45cal is very expensive, but it is a good starter gun although it's not as accurate as the Ruger MK3 because it doesn't have the sights a MK3 has, but a good gun is only as accurate as the person shooting it. I know that to be a fact.

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