What's a good first 1911 gun?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by johnb2329, May 17, 2009.

  1. johnb2329

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    Well, Im a noob so I just wanted to ask you guys what's a good 1911 for me? Im mainly gonna be using it for home and range. I live in Guam so, everything gets rusted here really fast. I figure if I'm gonna buy a gun it might as well be a one time shot deal and get the best. From which I hear it's a 1911. I would prefer a colt. So, please help me out!!! Canebrake? Any suggestions? I'll be using it for concealed carry also. Thanks alot guys!!! Any suggestions and pics would be greatly appreciated. Please post some pics.
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    The two Colts I have I would not trade/sell for love or money!

    Check out the Colt site:


    I too live in the sweat box called South Florida and when it comes to daily carry guns I need to have stainless.

    Not knowing what your preference may be with respect to weight I'll just go with three for you to take a look at and then you can go from there.

    First is the 5" Government model O1070XSE:


    The 4.25" Combat commander model O4012XSE:


    And the 3" Defender model O7000D:


    All SS and all chambered in 45 ACP.

    Plenty of things to do to personalize them to become your gun!

    My Defender and Government:

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    If you want a good quality 1911, consider Dan Wesson's Commander Bobtail (CBOB). About 1100, but you will have perhaps one of the best 1911's out there for the money right now.
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    Like you would hear anything but COLT from Cane :D But he does seem to be the inhouse 1911 expert :cool:

    I have a couple of kimbers which I also fell in love with
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    i'll get a 1911 soon,but i'm split between colt and dan wesson. wesson, it would be a 10mm razorback, with colt,it would be a .45 acp probably a government all stainless ....reliability is all for me, so i'm collecting infos atm to make sure i'm not going to regret after buy.....
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    Thanks Guys!

    Well I got alot of time to figure out what's good for me. I'm actually leaning towards getting the colt government. Since everything needs to be ordered and shipped to guam. I can still look around. I'm actually going to be getting two handguns. One 1911 and maybe one xd? Thanks alot guys!!!
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    Rock and roll on

    OK, so I'll stick in my .02 on this.
    There are two schools of thought here:
    1. Buy the most expensive, highest rated gun you can afford (even if you can't afford it). No question, you will get one of the top tier 1911's (Y'all know the names here).
    2. Get a more reasonably priced gun for now, and then trade up later.

    May I suggest a third alternative? How about a high quality, reasonably priced gun that will fit your needs?
    Here are my two Rock Island 45's; a compact model and a full sized model:



    Both guns were reasonably priced (under 400 for the compact, under 500 for the 2tone), both are solid, dependable, shoot every time and shoot where you point them. :cool:

    The compact is in a Parkerized finish which will help resist rusting and corrosion from humid conditions.
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    I bought a Taurus PT1911 and it hasn't malfunctioned AT ALL in any of the 4K rounds I've put through it. Check out Taurus PT1911-for a little over 500$, it has all the "bells & whistles". I bought it specifically to customize and was pretty miffed when I went to change the sights & found out the dovetail cut for rear site is oddball size. That's the ONLY complaint I have though. By the way, the factory sites are pretty good. It has DEFINITELY grown on me. The finish is not as good as Colt or Kimber but what can you expect from a dead reliable, good shooting 1911 for 500$?
  10. Going Postal

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    I would also recommend the Taurus. I hear so many people complain about just the name TAURUS but I have never had any problems with any that I have owned and the ones that I still own!
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    The newer Taurus PT1911.45's were selling like hotcakes out of the gun shop I worked at when I still lived in North Carolina. For the price they're a great firearm; good trigger, lots of nice features and a decent finish. Taurus has really gotten their act together lately and earned my business as a firearms owner.