What's a few more days matter?

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    I started the quest for my Handgun premit in late November and thought It would all over but the wait when I went to get fingerprinted last night and hit another detour in the road.:(

    To start the adventure in my area you go to the County Clerks Office and pick up a packet that has all the instructions and paper work you need.

    The 1st thing they tell you is sign up for the mandatory pistol course.
    I did and took said course in the beginning of January(the earliest slot that was open)and then fill out the forms in the packet per the instructor.

    Part of the packet is 3 (1 each for county,state and federal investigation) forms that are printed on cardstock,the front is the main application and the back is the fingerprint card.You fill out the front of each card and have your 4 character witnesses sign off on the application (along with filling out a seperate form that they mail out themselves).You then get each form notarized.

    When all 4 witnesses have mailed their forms you call the Serriffs office and confirm that they have arrived and are completed correctly(one person didn't list their full middle name and it was rejected).
    Once that is comlpete they give you the go ahead to come down and get your prints taken.
    When I get there the Deputy hands me (and 4 others) 2 more finger print cards to fill out,strange,but this is a Government operation so I do what they tell me.After sitting for a half hour a Deputy comes out and asks what kind of form we have and goes back into the office,10 minutes later we are told that we have the old forms and that nobody notified the night duty that the forms had changed JANUARY 1st.

    I leave work early to go pick up the new forms and the county building is locked and dark (at 245 pm) as they all went home early to start the 3 day weekend.
    I now have to wait untill tuesday to pick up the forms and run around getting my witnesses to sign off and getting the them notarized so I can hopefully get fingerprinted NEXT thrusday.
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    While you are waiting- Real Estate Listings, Homes for Sale and Rental Property Listings ? REALTOR.com Put the house up for sale. Buy one here in VA. Then go to Uhaul.com or ryder.com, and get a truck. :rolleyes:

    We HAVE no firearm owner ID card, and my concealed permit took 3 DAYS (and no prints, no letters of reference, etc, ad nauseaum)

    And then go to homefair.com, and compare cost of living between where you is, and where you COULD be. I moved from CO to VA, and with the same salary, got a 20% pay raise. :p

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    + 1 c3,

    fbr, move!!
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    But I get great personal satisfaction from serving my government....er ah ..wait that doesn't sound right.
    What would the millions on public assistance do without me?.........

    Seriously,both me and the Mrs. have family to watch after,But THERE WILL COME A TIME.
    I will be free someday but until I make parole I have to make the best of it.
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    Then move your family with you. Don't have to live there. Is called choice and free will.
    Here u only pay your processing fee. Fill an application 1 page long, fingerprints and see you later. If you pass background your permit should be in the mail in one week. Good for 5 yrs. I don't go or live or sponsor or travel or spend my money in any state that doesn't allow me the basic God given nature of self defense. Free will, embrace it!
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    Here in my county in Alabama, I go to the sheriff's office, they run me through the computer, they find nothing on me, I pay them $15, then walk out with my permit.