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  1. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    Just so I get to know my brethren a bit better lets talk about what you carry for defense. I'm in GA which allows open or concealed carry with a permit. The vast majority of the time, I CC a Walther PPK, in a Galco IWB, loaded with Gold Dots. If I'm wearing casual clothes I also have a pocket holster for it. I used to have a NAA Guardian pocket pistol - but my wife stole this one. In GA, all guns must be carried in a holster or with a belt clip - no loose pocket carry is legal.

    If I'm just running out of the house in a hurry on a quick errand, I'll generally grab one of my guns I have a paddle holster for and just OC for that trip. Most often this is my XD .45 Compact as it resides in my living room on the coffee table. My community is pretty OC friendly and it's not uncommon to see many folks packing openly...
  2. amoroque

    amoroque New Member

    I either carry my Springfield 1911, or my Springfield XD sub compact. I use gold dots for both and Fobus paddle holsters for both.

    When I'm feeling "classy" LOL I carry my S&W 10-7 snubbie.

  3. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Generally, I'll carry the Colt 1991A1 either in a Galco Sumer Comfort or Miami Classic II Shoulder System loaded with Gold Dot 230 gr. JHP.

    The full size Colt is more comfortable than the Taurus 24/7.
  4. Glasshartt

    Glasshartt New Member

    I have to carry my H&K P2000 off duty and I have about 5 or 6 different holsters. Most of the time I carry in a Blackhawk CQC paddle but I also use a De Santis gunhide belly band, an Aker paddle or belt slide (same design), a Don Hume high rise thumb snap belt slide, a custom made Allessi OWB double snap slide or a Galco shoulder holster (identical to Sonny’s in Miami Vice), I also have a Galco fanny pack. What I carry my H&K in depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing.
  5. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    Linda, you say "have to carry" an HK - is this your official off-duty weapon? If so, it's a nice choice...
  6. Dzscubie

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    Please disregard Glasshart’s post above that’s my carry not her’s.. My computer crashed and I was using hers and forgot to sign her off and sign in as myself. Glasshartt carries a Glock 19 on duty and a Glock 26 off duty, she will carry in a fanny pack or the new Fobus paddle. She also has a Lady Smith Model 60-3 that she will throw in a runners belly pack (very small) if she needs something lower profile than the 26.
  7. dewey

    dewey New Member

    I carry a walther ppks./ with a biachi owb. Or a 1911 with a side armor 15 deg. cant iwb. I am going to get a side armor for my xd 45. The 1911 is a good concealable gun imo.
  8. planenut

    planenut New Member

    I didn't carry for quite a while but am back to carrying most of the time. I've had the CCW for SC for about 10 years.
    I like small so I carry my Colt Mustang Ponylite in .380 mostly in an IWB cloth type holster with a clip for pants or belt. Sometimes I will use a Thunderwear holster. I know I can't get to it fast but at least it is there. I am currently looking to add a pocket holster that I can just drop it in my front pocket.

    I also have a Kimber Ultra Elite in .45 (3" barrel) but I don't carry it much.

    I need to invest in better holsters for both.

    I have Federal Hydra Shok in both. 95 and 230 grain.

    I'm also signed up for the non resident Utah class so that I can add GA to the states I can carry in.

    PS: I will be glad if/when SC changes the law so you can carry in a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol. Currently if I stop to have lunch at Applebee's, TGIF etc. I have to leave the weapon in the car...
  9. Car54

    Car54 New Member

    Most of the time a S&W model 37 w/hydra-shoks tucked in waist, or if I'm wearing enough clothing to cover, a Glock 30 w/hydra-shoks (oh no, palm to forehead-I can hear the roar now guy's and gal's) tucked into waist.
    If I'm just running to the grocery store or the beach, a Kel-Tec P3AT w/Magtech jhp, front pocket.

    No holsters used.
  10. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    Right now, Im carrying a G17, loaded with Win. Ranger 124gr+p. I have the Lone Wolf trigger bar, and Lone Wolf adjustable reset trigger.

    Sometimes I carry a Kimber Pro Carry II, loaded with 230 gr Win Rangers.

    Ive been know to carry a menagerie of other pistols. BUT, I sold em all:rolleyes:
  11. howquig

    howquig New Member

    I carry a Ruger P95 in a De Santis holster right now. I am looking at getting a glock in .40 S&W or a springfield XD in .40 just can't make up my mind wich I like better.
  12. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I have several options. My favorite is my 1911 in a blackhawk paddle holster. I also carry my Sigma 40 in Bianchi with the push button release lever. The one that you hit with your middle finger. Sometimes I carry a 38 snubby or a Bersa Thunder in a pocket holster.
  13. mudslinger79

    mudslinger79 New Member

    I carry a Ruger P95 with magtech hollow points uv a Robust paddle holster.
  14. Jax

    Jax New Member

    I normally carry my S&W 638 in a pocket holster or a Kel-Tek p-32 with the 10 round extension magazine. Both are loaded with JHP
  15. MoHawk

    MoHawk New Member

    Usually a Taurus 85 in an Uncle Mike's IWB loaded wth Hydra-Shoks. Occasionally the S&W 908 in an UNcle Mike's IWB loaded with generic ball until I can get some Corbon Pow'rBall
  16. tmoore912

    tmoore912 New Member

    EDC for me are Springfield 1911 LW Champion Bobtail or Glock 19. I carry 230 gr. Golden Sabers in the 1911 and 124 gr. Gold Dots in the 19. I carry them both AIWB with a Dale Fricke Archangel kydex holster. I carry a Kel-Tec .380 as a BUG sometimes.
  17. kusterleXD

    kusterleXD New Member

    XD45 Compact in a Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe holster in horseide leather. Can't beat those holsters! Nor the firearm IMHO.
  18. dnthmn2004

    dnthmn2004 New Member

    Either my S&W M&P 40 in a Galco summer holster or S&W 442 in a pocket holster depending on how I'm dressed, both with golden sabers.
  19. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    My daily carry is a Kimber Pro Carry II, IWB, loaded with Federal HST 230gr +p.
  20. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    I have a Para Ord LTC that I carry in any of four different holsters. But will sometimes have on my Sig 229 .40 in a Gould OWB. The Para likes Federal Hydra-Shoks and the Sig will eat about anything I put in it. I usually have Hydra-Shoks in it too though