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    To be sold as a kit. This ready to go survival kit will keep you prepared for any situation. I have had a lot of fun preparing this kit. It includes:
    -Mossberg 500 JIC2: gun is very lightly used and also I cleaned after each use, excellent condition.
    -100+ 2-3/4" + 3. Shotgun shells. In red containers of 55 each they are all federal premium 00buck and rifled slugs. 30+ Hornady Z-max zombie 00buck 2-3/4". In lock box random Winchester heavy game, blanks, and slugs all 2-3/4". Selling with ammo containers.
    -camo shell pack contains a Gerber fixed blade knife, mag light, screwdriver, ear plugs, lock, tools.
    -aftermarket tacstar pressure pad flashlight that can me mounted on shotgun easily.
    -ATI top fold aftermarket pistol grip/stock if you prefer over the rubber pistol grip that comes with gun.
    - already installed a 4 shell side saddle

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    Nothing, sorry not into that stuff.................

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    You could try to start the bid at 75% of your purchase price.
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    Hmmmm. My camo hunting bucket with the padded seat has several packs of Toasty-Toes, a MiniMag AA lite, my gun sling, extra gloves, a polyester balaclava, 15 goose loads and 20 duck loads. Oh, and a fixed blade mean looking knife I got at Tractor Supply for $5. And my lightweight rain pants and parka. All I have to do is top off with fresh Honey Buns and I am ready. What more is there?