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    Recently i have been debating selling my mossberg 12ga and all of it accessories. I am having a hard time deciding because im not sure how much it would go for along with the extras. So i was just wondering what would you pay for it? Is 500 reasonable?
    Heres the list:
    Mossberg 500A 6 shot pump action shotgun
    Hi-Viz Shotgun Double Dot Rear Sight (Narrow)
    Hi-Viz bird buster magnetic sight
    Hi-Viz ghost ring sight
    Tacstar side saddle
    slide on elastic shell holder
    ATI rear pistol grip
    ATI pistol grip buttstock
    ATI forend pistol grip
    ATI Standard forend (had to buy for siddle saddle to work)
    Mossberg 18'' barrel full choke beed sight
    Mossberg 28'' ribbed barrel modified choke
    original mossberg stock and forend (synthetic)
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