What would you pay for a LE "Jungle Carbine"?

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  1. Laufer

    Laufer New Member

    If you were still fairly new to buying or owning guns, and the only milsurps are a pair MN 44, what would you pay for a good-looking rifle which must be durable, reliable, whether an original (V) or imitation, modified IV or a later copy?

    Have not shopped yet, but my rifles are only for having fun, not 'storage investments', shooting out to about 50 yards or much less.
    About how much more would an originally modified series IV or authentic V in very good condition cost compared to a later copy?
    Have only looked at Gunbroker and a few others for general ideas, but the conditions must be a bit subjective.

    Thank you for any advice.
  2. Laufer

    Laufer New Member

    Never mind.
    Bought one at "Joesalter.com", much better than "G-broker".

    Will try to make this topic disappear.

  3. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Congratulations. Please post some pictures and a range report when you can,
  4. Laufer

    Laufer New Member

    When I return home, maybe my wife can teach me how to connect the camera and somehow do it.
    My brother went through process, and it was relly complex.

    Today I asked an Aussie at the Evansville gun club to test my first Paki ammo.
    All 10 rounds worked perfectly.
    This stuff had been stored in the original, sealed ammo case until recently.

    If you are in occupied territiry, you should hear what a guy from Chicago (at the range) told me about the idiot politicians in IL.
    They are on the side of the criminals (and need their votes, if possible).
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  5. ScottG

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    They are the criminals....
  6. bobd42

    bobd42 New Member

    I bought one for $49.95 in southern Calif. back in 1960 or so , while i was stationed at March A.F.B. . Ammo was cheap and i would take it into the hills around Sunnymead and make my shoulder sore .
  7. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    What'd you pay for yours, Laufer?

    I sold my No5, but still have a very clean No4 modified. Fun little gun.
  8. Laufer

    Laufer New Member

    Sorry, forgot about this old topic.

    M14sRock: In April '09 I paid about $425, because there were no good imitations then, even on "GB". He said either very good or exc. bore.
    Overpriced I guess, but "Joesalter's" numerous photos are really good and the description was accurate. You guys in NH have it made.....I told a NH guy about the business and he told me that "My wife hates you". Most women and even men are incapable of comprehension, but this keeps prices from going higher.

    Since then, found a good #4 (my first) down at the Batesville MS show in July '09, and a second good #5 at the Sept. Memphis show. All of these have matching bolts.
    We can go to about ten shows within an hour of Memphis and see maybe one Enfield that was Not sporterized.
    A buddy had a true Mint (from "GB") at our latest show, and might still have it, because the price tag stated $900.

    A #4/Mark II: a true blond with bayonet. Wicked Virgin Beauty.
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  9. nwrednk

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    Jungle carbine eh?

    Well, the most popular version of that I know of is an Enfield with a shorter
    barrel...But my first deer rifle a Win model 94 in .30/30 has still not "outlived
    its usefullness in that dept"! That rifle has served me well as a deer hunter,
    and my Win xtr from 1981 in .308 for long shots with a scope! And even
    before I mounted a 3x9x44 Simmons scope to it, my longest "kill-shot" on
    a deer was from 440 yards!:D
  10. Esteban

    Esteban New Member

    How much more would one be worth if it had an original bayonet ? Carbine is good & original,, bayonet is very good !
  11. m72law

    m72law New Member

    SOG had them a lil while back for 150bucks...still way to much for one...wouldnt be a bad deal for 10 of them :)
  12. sarge_257

    sarge_257 New Member

    Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine

    The price fluctuates all over the place. The reason you might have someone tell you $450 and another say $140 is because those little carbines have always been collector items which makes them a prime candidate for counterfeiters. I would guess that half or more of the so called Jungle Carbines are not real issued carbines. If you just want one to shoot, then buy the cheapest one you can find. (the do shoot just great and the two I have are both very accurate.) (Mine are real ones)
  13. Laufer

    Laufer New Member

    Today on the benchrest, the #5 (all-match.) which arrived in '09 from "Joesalter" did an ok group (for my skills), near the bull's eye at 50 yards with my reloads.

    Somehow when sitting on the ground with no extra support, got a three-shot string which measures about 2 1/2".
    A second short string has the three holes almost touching, less than 1 1/2" in length.
    Can't figure out why these shot 'mini groups' were much better than from the benchrest. My first hunt should be next spring in TX, with this gun, for feral pigs with a very seasoned pig hunter (co-worker) who retired from the Navy Marks. Team and set AR records from 200 & 600 yards.

    As for prices on other Enfield series, I just hope that there might be two or three good, "non-sport." Enfield #4s (average prices) at the Ft. Worth show on Sunday, Jan 2nd. If so, maybe one or two have matching bolts/actions.
    It will be my first show:) far outside the Memphis area.

    As "non-sport." Enfields in this area are very rare (shows and shops), my second #5 is all-matching and was only listed at $350 in Sept '09 at the show.
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  14. mag318

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    Not only are No5 MKIs (Jungle Carbines) very collectable now, they are great little guns. $500/$700 is not out of line for a legit one in 98% or better condition. Real examples will only continue to go up in value. I sold this one to a noted gun writer and miss it.

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  15. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Not an expert on the Enfield, but a couple of points to look for-

    A No. 5 will be electro-engraved “No5MKI” on the left side of the receiver and will not have “No. 4” stamped or engraved anywhere on it. It will bear the proper manufacturer’s code: “(ROF)F” for Fazakerley or “M47C” for BSA-Shirley. The barrel band will be only 8 inches in front of the receiver ring--rather than 10-3/4 inches as on a No. 4 rifle. The ball on the bolt handle is drilled out, and there are scallops cut from the barrel right above the chamber, and the receiver and trigger guard have metal milled away to lighten the rifle. Pull the upper handguard, and barrel should look like this:
    jungle carbine.jpg

    BTW- no good deed goes unpunished. The rubber buttplate, intended to educe recoil, has a smaller area than the metal buttplatte, and increases felt recoil.
  16. Esteban

    Esteban New Member

    &&& GOOD GAWD,, the recoil !!