What would you guys do if you were me?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by JGguns, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. JGguns

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    I traded a guy I met on on a differant forum for a sks, I gave him my ruger revolver. When I sent my gun out it was in perfect working ordeer. He pm's yesterday saying when he got the gun fro his ffl it was falling apart! The way he explained it was the ejection rod came unscrewed, now this guy came with referances, I talked to him on the phone and he seemed to be very trustworthy older man. The thing is never in my life or the previous owner of the gun have ever experianced the problems he is saying. I am thinking either he or his FFL (who cant put it back together so he has to take to his gun smith???) took it apart and can figure out how to get it back together or they lost some pieces. Now my question is would you trade back with hm? I paid 50 to ship to him, I am paying forty to get my sks from my ffl now if I trade back I will have to pay another 30 to ship his rifle back and another 40 to get my gun from my FFL. I dont want to screw the guy but at the same time I dont want to screw myself cause I know the gun was in perfect working condition before I sent it..... What to do? Thanks guys
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    First thing I would do is to call his FFL and ask for pictures of the firearm and the packaging. If he offers them up with no fuss then you can inspect them and make a determiniation. If the FFL fusses and throws a fit then you know they took the thing apart and can't get it together again or like you said lost some parts and don't want to pay for the repair.

    I still think you got the short end of the stick in that deal. A Ruger for an SKS? but hey it is you not me.

  3. Mark F

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    I'd just tell him, it was perfect when you shipped it. END OF STORY. He "may" have a claim with the shipper... that's not your problem.

    I wouldn't trade back, or even continue the conversation with him.
  4. Benning Boy

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    +1. A Ruger for an SKS?

    And yeah, if it was damaged in transit, the problem is with the carrier.

    Or you could beat the s#!t out of the SKS, throw some tiny parts away, and trade back.
  5. JGguns

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    Lol thanks for the input guys. Yeah probly but I got another revolver plus I only paid 250 for the ruger so I think I did good, but thats just cause I wanted to get a sks.
  6. WDB

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    I expect you guys traded pictures of the firearms before you made the trade so you should have proof of condition prior to the ruger leaving your hands. I hope you date stamped the pictures as that will seal the deal. No idea why his FFL would disassemble a revolver. If you were honest in the trade consider it a done deal.

    I can say a few years ago I purchased a SA Colt 45 online and got some nice pictures. When I got the pistol it was at best a collection of parts and not the pistol I purchased. It's serial number was correct but it wasn't close to the discription or the pictures. It took a lot of effort but I got back what I paid for the pistol and the seller lost his account on the site. I still have the pile of parts as the seller didn't want pay the FFL transfer to get it back.