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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by jpattersonnh, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. jpattersonnh

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    Say you were in sales. You opened a new account and had been servicing them and building the business for 9 months. The owner sells it. The new owner is never in, does not return phone calls. You see the caller ID pop up w/ their name, so you promptly grab it. They ask for a sales person by name that is of a different ethnic back ground. When you ask if it is (name) calling from (place) the phone gets silent, and they hang up. When you ask the other person, they tell you that they have been talking to them. Your boss tells you he wants an answer, today. What are you doing about this. Later when you talk w/ the credit manager, he tells you that the account now belongs to someone else because of their ethnic background. This account was 5% of your total net business. Would you be PO'ed? Would you feel like your pocket was picked? Would you feel it was racially biased?
  2. JonM

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    i would say that is totally racist if that is the sole reason.

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    I think that's discriminatory and against the law. Whether or not it should be is another argument altogether, but I think it is.
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    Put a marble in your mouth next time you talk to the customer. (try not to "click" with your teeth)
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    Funny part is I speak Spanish, Portuguese, a little Japanese........
    I have other clients from this ethnic group that I do anything for. Some salesmans customers call me now, not their salesperson. The person who's name is on the account gets the sale, what is 5 minutes of my time. Kinda feel blind sided by a co-worker to boot. She knew.