What Will Your Kid(s) Not Know?

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  1. hillbilly68

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    OK this one is just for fun. This will be age dependent, but may be interesting to see.

    What did you experience growing up that your children will not?
    Cans that have pull tabs

    Waiting at the airport gate with someone when you don't have a ticket

    Leaded gas

    Rotary phones

    Dialing "0" for the police and not "911"

    The news only comes on between 6 and 7 pm

    LPs, cassette tapes, and the 8 track tape

    Cars without air bags

    If you want to talk to someone on the phone they had to be at home

    The Sears Christmas catalog

    Full service gas stations

    Tinsel on Christmas trees

    Shooting waterfowl with lead shot

    The country store (the real ones)

    Analog gas pumps

    The smell of the blue copies at school

    Cars without air conditioning (oh those summer family vacations)

    Gun racks in trucks (that actually had guns)

    Taking a gun to school and leaving it in your truck because it was hunting season

    Having to wait until the store was open to order or buy something

    Lawn Darts, three wheelers and good chemistry sets
  2. jeepcreep927

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    Cartoons are only on on Saturday between 7 and 10 am

    Getting up to "turn the antenna" so the TV comes in

    McDonalds used to be fairly cheap

    What the Dewey Decimal System is, and using it

    Mechanics actually know how to FIX cars, not plug them into a computer

    Shooting rats at the dump

    Going to the "mall" means serious travel time

    Only movies are rated. And there's only three ratings (okay, maybe four)

    Movies used to be fairly cheap

    Hitch hiking is not dangerous

    In the United States, English is the primary language

    Waiting a week to watch your favorite TV show, because it's only on once a week

    Space shuttle launches are a big deal and don't happen all the time

    Fireworks only happen on the 4th of July

  3. Righteous

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    sex without worry lol
  4. fapprez

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    Safely walking home from a friends, by herself, when the street lights come on.

    Eating candy WHILE trick or treating, because mom and dad didn't have to check it first.

    and probably

    Saying the pledge of allegiance at school.
  5. bkt

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    Getting up on a Saturday morning as a kid and running off to play with friends 'til the streetlights came on in the evening, and your parents didn't worry at all.

    Typing essays and other papers on a typewriter -- no spell-check, no delete key, no automatic centering, and you had to remember to hit the carriage return arm.

    Kids respected and even feared their teachers and they cared about doing well in school (God help you if your parents got a call from the Principal).

    The check-out lady at the grocery store had to pick up each item, find the price tag and enter it in on the cash register.

    Scars. Lots and lots of scars. These came from playing outside and doing crazy things. Playing outside and being active was our entertainment; there were no game consoles. (Very few kids were fat back then, too.)

    Cars without seatbelts.

    People could and did smoke anywhere, including the grocery store and restaurants.

    Guns could be bought just about anywhere, including gas stations, Sears, and mail order from the back of magazines.

    Cars with carbeurators. Starting them on some days could be a real pain in the arse.

    Paper grocery bags.

    Styrofoam containers at fast food restaurants.

    You could bring a knife to school to show off and people admired it, not feared it.

    Having a paper route.

    Patience was a common virtue: instant gratification was usually impossible because people had to save to get what they wanted. Credit debt was rare.

    Moms stayed home with young kids and families ate together and discussed their lives with one another.

    Saving S&H green stamps from the grocery store.

    There was no ADD. If you were disruptive in class, you got a smack on the arse and the humiliation was usually enough for you to overcome your "ADD" issue. Parents were grateful to teachers who disciplined kids.

    Ashtrays and cigarette lighters in cars came standard.

    Walking to school or at least walking a good ways to the bus stop.

    Taking pride in our country and hating the enemies of our country.
  6. Zappa

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    >>>>>>Full service gas stations

    Sorry, I have to disagree with you on this one.
    There is no SELF Service in New Jersey, it's FULL Service ONLY.
    N.J. dosen't trust that any of its residents are smart enough to pump their own gas, and it protects the jobs of thousands of non-English speaking illegal aliens.
  7. BRSmith

    BRSmith New Member

    Oregon is the same way, altho I wouldn't call it "full service" by any stretch....
  8. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Do they check your oil, top off your washer fluid, check your tire pressure, clean your windows AND pump the gas?

    Didn't think so.
  9. MarkoPo

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    Commadore 64 and Apple IIE were your only computer choices

    Green monochrome screens

    Atari was the only video game we played

    You had to pay a quarter to play pacman at the gas station

    You could buy a whopper combo for $2.99

    Gas was less then $1.00 a gallon

    Cell phone, Ipods, pagers, and email didn't exist

    Whitewall tires were cool

    AM radio only came standard in vehicles

    Talking on a CB radio was common

    You had to cut your own wood to build a fire to keep your house warm

    People actually had conversations in cars, not talk on phones, or listen to Ipods

    The county fair was actually fun and safe to go to by yourself

    Getting in a fight meant you had to fight fair and you shook hands when done

    You had supper with your family, not in front of the TV or in a car

    Ordering pizza and watching a movie on VHS was a friday night tradition

    Your mom was the barber of the family, cutting your's and your dad's hair.

    Saturday was the only day people had to work overtime
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  10. Chester

    Chester New Member

    Shopping at the A&P supermarket,Blowing stumps from the fields with dynamite, Getting something

    really good from the Dairy Queen, Getting your moneys worth of anything, Ability to go hunting on a

    neighbors land without written permission, The smell of the kitchen when Mom was canning veggies,

    Having real neighbors(not people who happen to live next door),Killing a hog(all day event),Going

    on a date and not expecting to get laid. Going to a tent revival in the summer(how much hotter can it get), Going for a ride in a '67 Z28
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  11. scoutman

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    Bringing new guns/knives to school to show friends and teachers
    5 bucks worth of gas would get you through a friday night date
    Camping in the nearby hills at 12 or 13 years old without your folks
    Getting a daytime drivers license at 14
    Riding your bike 10 miles to the lake for a day of fishing
  12. gnoll

    gnoll Guest

    never thought of this b4
    but with the future looking the way it is my kids might not be able to by there first gun on there own
  13. Samhain

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    One this that comes to mind, my wife and I just talked about this....
    ARMY GREEN, we know this color as army green, our daughter will know army brown or tan.. and think we are nuts..
    (our 8 month old daughter's picture is to the left)
  14. MarkoPo

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    How to dim the car's headlights using your foot.
  15. gnoll

    gnoll Guest

    you can or could do that????
  16. MarkoPo

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    Yea on a lot of the old vehicles the dimmer switch was mounted on the floor and you used your left foot to control it. My parents had a 1982 van that was like that. My dad's 78 F-150 was like that also. When they went bad they were only a few bucks to change.
  17. GlenJohnson

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    What the sam hill is VHS.
    The ABSOLUTE first time man went into space.
    The ABOSULTE first time man walked on the moon.
    You forgot your lunch money, so the principal of the school gave you money for lunch.
    Playing outside after dark.
    Remembering the VERY FIRST TIME you saw color tv. (Yeah, it was the Wizard of OZ.)
    Remembering where I was when JFK was shot.
    Remembering where I was when MLK was shot.
    It just goes on, and on, and on.......
  18. kirby62

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    Noboby recycled,Nobody worried about the envorinment
  19. Chance_P

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    wow this is making me realize just how much my generation sucks. (im 18)
  20. Chester

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    There is a big difference in the way people are today because of the things they incountered back in their formative years, I'm 53 and My son is 25 I had not a minutes trouble keeping him out of trouble, He's an Eagle Scout and currently serving in the Navy,.Yes i'm very proud of the fact i can say my son is everything every young man would like to be. If you wanna know the secret to keeping kids out of trouble it's really kinda easy, SPEND LOTS OF TIME WITH THEM and keep them busy, Get them interisted in things in the outdoors like hunting and fishing.