What weapon I really want !

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by dango, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. dango

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    For Christmas , I would love if you pitch in and got me a Yoshimtsu ,
    Masamune,Yoshihiro or even a Sadarnune .Any of them would be fine.

    Ok , These were names of master Japanese forgers of the 15th. - 16th century. Rumor has it that there only perhaps 166 swords remaining in the world. Give me about 3 years to search black-market
    and about 5 million dollars and I might get lucky.Merry Christmas indeed .They were priceless , and this group of katana is called (Kyho Meibutsucho ) meaning Masterpieces .

    Hey , it said swords, knives etc. , etc..Now thems is swords or Katana.10 swords or one sword , still katana.
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  2. katsumushi

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    I hear that...LOL.
    I collect Japanese swords and have always wanted a Masamune.
    Do you collect Japanese swords?
    Have any?