What type of holster should I get?

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    I have two out of the three guns I carry needing holsters. First one is a makarov P-64 compact ( I think it's compact ), and Beretta 92FS, while these aren't very small and typically very big and heavy these, are my concealed carry guns I have permits for currently, the other I can safely store in my pocket no matter what I am wearing. The type of holster I would say ideal for the Beretta would be some type of inside hip hostler, so it's more concealed. For the makarov I have no idea what holster is best for it, the one it came with is a case, and the holster is bad. The Beretta has a belt holster right now, but just like the gun it's big, bulky and couldn't be concealed at all. Do you guys/gals have a choice as to what holsters you like for compacts and full size still concealable?
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    Body shape and size make a big difference on the type of holster a lot of people use. The way you dress will also affect how you carry. Purchasing a larger pair of pants is a must for IWB holsters. I am a big guy so I pretty much carry what I want. I was carrying a Sig P229 and now I am carrying a XD45.

    When it comes to a IWB holster you are going to want to get something that you can wear comfortablely all day. I was using a Galco IWB before I purchase my Milt Sparks VMII. I also purchased the tuckable clips. It is one of the most comfortable holsters I have. It does not bother me when I am sitting or driving. Just make sure you get a good belt to go with your holster. It will cost you almost as much as your holster but it Is worth it. I will post some pictures of my set up when I get the chance.