what tools do i need

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    i am 26 and have loved tinkering with firearms since my dad started teaching me how to be safe with them.i like to buy broken firearmsn bring em back to life in my collection. i have fixed my fairshare of firearms.i have lots of the basics punches picks sevral cleaning kits polishing n bluing kits and a variety of wrenches n screwdrivers and a couple good vices n files is there anything else i should have for working on my guns. thanks to all
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    Welcome to the FTF. We have an area labeled "Introductions". A lot of good info will be provided to you there.

    On what tools do you need? I hate to give "it depends" answers, but do you plan on specializing or general. How much machining experience do you have? How about measuring devices that get down to .001 in?

    If you really want to exceed in this field, I would suggest attending an "in-resident" course on gun smithing, also.

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    The 1st thing is a GOOD set of hollow ground screwdrivers. Make sure they fit
    the screw or your going to have a lot of damaged screw heads.

    I grind my own and it a good thing to learn. even if you buy several good sets, you
    will run into screws you have to fit for one reason or another and end up making a driver.

    Personally, I don't like the screwdriver bits that insert into a handle. I like a good
    wood handled driver, but they are getting real hard to find. I just like they way they
    feel in my hand.