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    I own a mobile marine service and when my customers ask me what type of payment i take i always say cash , check , guns or ammo . a ol timer told me today he had his dads single shot .22 . I know some of these guns are quite valuble . He could not tell me what kind it was but i plan to see it when i go back to finish the job . Now whe says it must be 100 yrs old and im pretty sure the 22 has not been around that long . he is looking at about 300.00 tab and i may to some trading . What would i need to look for ? any particular make or model that would be a steal ? What names would be low in value ? I have yet to see a single shot 22 below the 150-200 range . Thanks for the feedback
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    the 22 rimfires have been around longer than centerfire cartridges dating back to the civil war. in the 1800s woman used to have tea parties and shoot rimfires in the parlours at target boxes over tea and crackers... :)

    most single shot 22's are generic mass produced. when someone tells ya hey got a 100 year old gun sight unseen its prolly from 1979 ;) some good pics closeups of the markings would be the only for anyone here to tell ya what its ballpark worth is.

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    This one was made in 1858.

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    Now if he has a Winchester Winder musket in 22LR, then $300 would be quite a bargain.
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    well he is older , prob in his 60's and it said it was his dads way back then when his pops had a general store , and its a rifle . Its sitting in his closet and the thought of a gun sittin in a closet rusting up and getting dingle berries on it just bothers me . He wants to sell it but his wife of all people said he should keep it but im going after it . I never sell so im not looking to make money I just dont want to get ripped too bad . If its a J.C higgins or H&R id figure 100.00 tops