what to look for, buying a cc gun.

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  1. Tailypoe

    Tailypoe New Member

    hey all, new here, this will be my first post.
    im on the market and i'm looking for a nice handgun
    , the problem being, i really don't know anything. : ) i want to conserve money, but i rly don't care as long as it's not exorbitant, too expensive would be something like 1500 + out of the box. i don't want anything flashy.
    I'd like it to be light, it needs to be reliable, and it has to be concealable.
    I have several questions. : :confused:
    • Is there any functional difference from a cc or " compact " gun and a regular hangun ? , because I keep hearing that you don't want this or that as your main weapon. : s : /
    • what do you think about " mouse " guns, such as the kel tec p3at ?? ??
    ? any difference in functionality / accuracy here ? they seem toop light to be true.
    • ... what should i look for, in my price range ? what matches what i should look for ?
    i was thinking either a nice glock g-19 or a mouse gun like, say, the kel tech .

    thank you for your input,

    peace, love, and ammo. :cool:
  2. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    small guns are typically harder to control harder to aim at distance and much slower on accurate follow up shots typically carry fewer rounds

    i dont like mouse guns they are very difficult to use, hard to shoot well very unpleasent to shoot meaning you dont wanna practice as much as you should. they also are very difficult to get functioning again in cases of failures. same as above only more so.

    i suggest trying out rentals. find something that feels good to your hands.

    my choices for small shooters is the colt new agent in 45 acp 7+1


    and the bersa thunder 380 and thunder 380 plus 7+1 and 15+1 respectively which as small as i will go in a defensive gun both caliber and size



  3. Harleygunner

    Harleygunner New Member

    Personally, I wouldn't look for a pocket gun as my only carry, maybe as a second, "backup" weapon. I think as has already been suggested, go to a range where they rent guns, and try a few different ones, from pocket to full size 1911's . See what feels best, you'll know when you hold one if it's right.
    There are other considerations to think about for a concealed carry gun, width, length, weight. How much does it "print" when under a shirt,...etc..
    My choice is a CW9, Kahr 9mm. It is less than an inch wide, 3 &1/2 in barrel, light weight,about 23oz's loaded, but you'll have to make your own selection. Take your time, try several before buying. Oh, the Kahr CwW9 is about $400, + or - , you can always find deals.
  4. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    There are a few things to be aware of.

    We like new members to say "Hi" in the "Introductions" area.
    We have a few stickys that are there to assist with CC.
  5. General_lee

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    Welcome to the forum!

    First off, I wouldn't get a small mouse gun as a primary carry gun, only use mouse guns as a backup gun.

    Just as others have said, go to a gun store and put a few different ones in your hand and see what's comfortable to you. If you can get to a range that rents guns, then do that and try a few out.

    Being a beginner, you probably want something that's easy to take apart and clean, so I'm going to recommend taking a good look at Glocks and Springfield XD's.
  6. Tailypoe

    Tailypoe New Member

    again, i'm really a recent initiate into the ways of guns. rly clueless , really.
    I've shot a pellet gun, .22 , and hunting rifles quite a bit.

    i'm just looking for a few general guideposts in my search.
    i'm a glock man myself, whatever's simple to maintain and won't break, kna' mean ?
    ... it's apparent mouse gun's can't handle or shoot like a regular 9, asides being underpowered. .. i'd rly like to know how i'm going to hide sthg the size of a regular pistol on my thigh or wherever, tho. it seems to me like open carry would be a job for the side of my leg.
    and the weight is just so tempting. hm. I'm in
    Canada , land of the cowed, home of us slaves, so i can't rly rent guns like that, .. thank you for your input .. ..
    :) ;)
  7. Tailypoe

    Tailypoe New Member

    can't afford such luxuries .

    I'm not looking for some ting to p lay around with for a long time, in fact
    , I'm going to be getting the heck away from north america, soon.
    ecuador only allows you two ( official :mad:;):D ) firearms, and i want a concealable handgun and and ar 15 or some such .
    if it means it'll never break, I'd be prepared to shell out much more than usual.
    .380 up would do it for me, .22 simply does not have enough stopping power, in my experience .
  8. hiwall

    hiwall Well-Known Member

    No matter what anyone says there is no wrong choice. You can carry a 22 single shot derringer or a Winchester model 70 in .458. Whatever you are comfortable with. Alot of people that carry have more than one gun and choose depending on what they will be doing that day or just how they feel that day. You have only mentioned auto pistols. Some of us carry revolvers. Revolvers are safe, simple, reliable, and often easy to shoot accurately. But most only are 5 or 6 shots. Listen to everyone but make up your own mind about what you like.
  9. wmille01

    wmille01 New Member

    I always preferred revolvers over semi auto's less parts. I've carried Taurus model 66 in .357 magnum but I can also shoot 38 special out of it, never had one problem out of it, always fires except for two missfires I can remember. and that was after over 2000 rounds over a period of a year and a half.
  10. Tailypoe

    Tailypoe New Member


    i'm thinking the p11 right now. i'e kind of fallen in lov with it already.
    that or the p9. revolvers are not my type due to theri low capacity.
    desert island gun, maybe. bury me with a revolver, but i'll go down with my semi-auto .
  11. utf59

    utf59 Member

    Have you checked the laws in Ecuador? I know that some countries south of the border regulate firearms by caliber — civilians aren't allowed to own "military" calibers, which can vary from country to country.
  12. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    Now you've altered the parameters a bit.

    If I was to have only two guns, one of them might be a shotgun (and bear in mind, I don't particularly enjoy shooting shotguns). It's just the ultimate survival/home defense/hunting weapon. And since I can only have two weapons, I'll spend a bit here and buy something like a 22" FN SLP (semi-auto, 8+1, about $1000 USD). Long enough to hunt with, short enough to be practical for interior defense. That said, there's nothing not to like about an AR-15.

    But anyway, back to the pistol. My choice would be 9mm. 40sw is fine, 357mag is impressive, and 45acps are really cool. But I don't think anything is quite as practical for an "only" pistol as a 9mm. The benefits are capacity, an adequate defense round, extremely common caliber, and affordability. In your case I'd choose something along the lines of a Glock 19 (and I'm not a Glock fan). Small enough to conceal if need be, with enough size and capacity to operate like a full-framed pistol. If you don't mind carrying a bit more weight, look into some of the options from CZ (model 75/variants) and Sig (P228/229).

    Kel-Tec makes a decent gun. I myself have two Kel-Tecs. But I'd never choose one as my only pistol. They're made to be compact carry guns and are quite reliable in that function, but aren't especially hearty weapons.

    If I could have only two guns, choosing weapons that fit the "jack of all trades" description would be paramount. The Glock 19 is just that. Or maybe a G23 (40sw) with a Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel ($100-125), which would make your "one pistol" a bit more versatile.
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  13. WDB

    WDB New Member

    The BEST thing you can do is find a range that rents, get some training, shoot several firearms and find what fits you best. What works for me may not work for you. Everyone has an opinion but when it comes to a personal defense firearm the only way to know if it is the right one for you is to spend sometime shooting before you buy. As I mentioned get some training as that will truly improve your ability to use the firearm if needed.
  14. ScottA

    ScottA FAA licensed bugsmasher Lifetime Supporter

    Don't be afraid of the mouseguns. I carry one daily myself (S&W Bodyguard 380). However, I'm not sure it would make the grade if I only could keep two.
  15. Tailypoe

    Tailypoe New Member

    t y

    thanks everyone :D i never knew gun nuts were such nice & friendly people , kinda contraindicts what the mainstream media tells u , doesn't it ?

    i'm pretty-much dead set on th' p11 for concealed at this point, and i do want it for concealed, otherwise it'd obviously be a nice, shiny glock. I don't rly have the luxury of owning a big set of guns, ( officialy. ) hey there's a range near my house but i think it's military. I'll try to find a nice shooting range. If i was trapped on a desert isle, i'd obviously want a nice revolver with a few parts and a nice bore and calibre, but if my gun breaks, i could always go head on down to the seedy part of town and procure one to tide me over :eek: don't ever want to be without home defense .
    i'm gonna have dogs and everything and live in the hills and smoke a big, home-grown cigar every day and play soccer.
    .. .. thanks for helping me on my quest to make the world a bit safer. :))
  16. WDB

    WDB New Member


    Gun nuts:confused: All the reasonable advice and I get the impression you are mocking the people who honestly tried to answer your questions.
  17. Tailypoe

    Tailypoe New Member

    sorry but i thought it was a term of endearment here , i'm a proud gun nut.
  18. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    For me a reasonably priced compact gun is the Rugers LCP 380 less than three hundred dollars. Accurate, compact, concealable, and lethally potent.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5DrJMW1qAI&feature=player_detailpage]YouTube - ‪Ruger LCP‬‏[/ame]

    Then for my primary carry there is the Smith & Wesson 457:

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  19. mcfroggin

    mcfroggin New Member

    I'm in a gun family. This is what we carry:
    Me: Glock 26
    My father: Glock 26
    My brother: Glock 26
    Wife: Springfield XD9 subcompact, previously mine (she stole it)
    Mother-in-law: Ruger LC9
    Father-in-law: switches often, just got a P290.
    Uncle-in-law: Rohrbaugh 9mm

    We all obviously stick with smaller 9mm handguns that are still relatively easy to aim. Of the above, all are good guns except the P290. I'm not a fan.
  20. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    From a recent post:

    Canebrake's Free Advice for CCW Selection (Not BUG)

    1. Your CCW should be as large as you can carry with some level of comfort, good concealment and as potent as you can shoot accurately.
    2. Your CCW MUST fit your hand perfectly.
    3. You MUST be able to use the controls of your CCW with both strong AND weak side hands.
    4. Your CCW MUST be of the highest quality construction that you can afford.
    5. You and your CCW MUST be accurate enough to consistently hit a paper plate at 7 meters with rapid fire.
    6. Your CCW should be a caliber (see #1 above) of common size and which is readily available.
    7. A CCW is only as good as the quality of the holster and belt that carries it! In your CCW budget you need to include, at minimum*, $150 for the carry rig. (*each should cost ~$75)

    MUST = NO compromise
    should = FEW compromises

    This advice comes with the;