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    I've been debating for a while now on a few different handguns. I like the walther p99 or I also saw magnum research makes a 9 or .40 with the p99 frame that looks good also. That being said I also like the cz p07 duty, the steyr m40, or the Sig p250.
    I'm new to the law enforcement field and am wanting to get a new weapon. I have multiple Glocks,a Xd, and a beretta px4 storm that would all be great duty weapons. I always liked to be kinda different and everyone on the force either carries a berretta, Springfield XD or a Glock. I'm wanting something different, reliable, and also something under 1 grand. Any thoughts?
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    Just to be different?? Okay....

    I guess you could check out Sigs. P220, P226, P229, and P250 are all excellent duty models. Don't forget about S&W. Their more classic all metal pistols can be had for under $500 used, and the M&P are readily available new. Nothing against the other guns you've listed, just don't have experience with them.

    But, LE handguns are not carried to be cool or different, an officer needs to know his/her firearm in and out. I carry a Glock on duty. I am more than proficient with it. It is ugly, but a majority of the departments around here carry Glocks due to their reliability, longevity, and simplicity. I am by no means preaching Glock, just making a point (substitute XD or S&W).

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    If want something a little different, maybe ditch the tupperwear and class it up with a metal framed Sig, CZ, Browning, or 1911.

    The less common polymers that have impressed me are the H&K P30 and CZ SP-01 Phantom.
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    If you like CZ firearms, the SP-01 is an excellent pistol. Also, a Glock 35 is kind of unique in LE circles, and you get to keep a platform you're comfortable with while upping the 2nd-kind-of-cool factor. I like to think of the Glock 35 as the thinking mans Glock .40
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    Def check out the h&k usp models i have a usp compact 9mm thats a great shooting gun and extremely reliable
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    Sweeper, if I could like your post I would! I agree, a sig would be a great choice. Those p99's are garbage.
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    Different is not always better

    From one officer to another, think of this. What happens if you are in a gunfight and need to get or give ammo to another officer and you have 9mm and he has .40, what if you both shoot 9mm but he has a Beretta and you have a Steyr? Now you can't just use his magazine, you aren't going to unload and reload his bullets into your magazine. What if you get injured and he is out of rounds and picks up your gun and can't find out how to work it?

    As a cop, you and your partners might not have the same ammo or gun styles, but you should spend time with each other's guns at the range so in an emergency, when a life is on the line, everyone knows how to operate the other's gun. Back in my day, we either all had a Colt .45 or a Browning Hi Power and using each other's gun was not a problem.

    Also with a new gun spend some time looking at the weapon and its design. Compare a Colt .45 to an XD, talk about different! I am not a fan of pistols that have too many ridges and grooves forward of the trigger guard. Those always seems like areas that could catch or bind the pistol during a quick draw. Having had to fire my weapon in a hurry to remove a threat, I want my gun to come out smoothly and not fight it to clear the leather. There are times when reaction time must be split second and any delay could result in deadly consequences.

    Good luck - Craig
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    I know a rangemaster that joked if you have a Glock you can clean it in the dishwasher on the pot & pan cycle. The sad part was one neophyte asked if could really do that:rolleyes:. Well we all learn eventually, barring catastrophes.
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    Maybe,u have a different need.:D