What to expect in Lex KY?

Discussion in 'Gun Shows' started by Cousty, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Cousty

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    I'm brand new to this hobby, but not due to frenzy or apocalypse or anything silly. I'm an occasional hunter who is looking at purchasing my first handgun. There is a show in Lexington this weekend and I was curious as to what to expect with the market the way it is now. Any tips for a first time show attendee? Thanks!
  2. nitestalker

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    If you think the pending problems are "Silly" you are going to learn a lot at any gun show.:(

  3. Marlinman

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    Ask kytowboater. Its his hometown as well
  4. DrumJunkie

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    Have an idea what you want and what they sell for. Know the range you are willing to pay. I don't go to the Lex shows as I despise really large crowds and no one knows how to drive up there. I head to the one in Somerset as it is a little closer to me and I"m familiar with the area. But a show is a show is a show. They are full of dealers and traders and people skulking around outside. Make sure you have your ID so if you buy off a FFL dealer you can do the paperwork.

    Lot of people are trying to capitalize on the run on guns these days. But way I see things is things are only worth what another is willing to pay for them. I'm not sure silly is a term you might want ot use for the way things are right now. People are nervous and with a reason to be I can't blame them. No one really knows what's coming down the pipe or when. Many people that have never owned more than a hunting rifle (if that) are going out and buying up what they can before it gets banned. Will it? Can't say, but it looks like it might be rough for gun people before too long. I don't buy into the craze but I"m one that likes to keep things stocked in a manner that I don't get caught up in situations like this. I never put things like my or my family's protection off.

    WE all can't be ants though. Someone has to be the grasshopper.

    Anyway, if you have an idea what you're looking for go to gunbroker's site and look at prices and see what they are selling for. Then you know about what to give. Expect to haggle, but I'd say there's not a whole lot of wiggle these days with the huge run on impulse shoppers.
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    Crazy drivers! This is key! Parking SUCKS! Based on the last show before all this mess it will SUCK! There were a bunch of ARs for sale last time, ONE guy with uppers and a lot of lowers. All over priced. I will be throwing lead down range that day so I won't be there, I'm determined to avoid all of that insane mess it's promised to be. There was a show in Louisville last weekend, hear tell .223 was $700 for 1000 rounds of steel case Russian, lowers for $400+.

    I'm gun broke, not enough money to warrant buying anything. Thinking about another mosin...... :p just gotta find the room.....

    Good luck and post about it if you go.
  6. c3shooter

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    Remember the Black Friday sales at the mall? Triple that. Expect lines wrapped around the building. Take at least 2 IDs, money, water, comfortable shoes.
  7. Donn

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    Attended a show last weekend, handgun prices hadn't gone the way of black rifles. However, there were no deals, no bargaining. Whatever the sticker read was what it cost, MSRP or close to it.
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    If you know what you want, do a little research online for prices before you go. I assume the prices at the show will be on the high side. I've been going to that show for years and prices always seem a bit high to me. In the past, the crowds have been lightest early on Sunday. You can usually find a parking space on Main St. just outside of the show then too. Since you are close, checkout Bud's (http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/index.php) on Industry Rd. They have been handing out "Now Serving" numbers as you enter the store lately due to the large number of customers in the store. Their selection of handguns is second to none in the area and prices are usually some of the lowest around. Most of my guns come from Bud's.