What to do with an inheritance of many firearms

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by LeRenard, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. LeRenard

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    Hello folks,

    Through some rather sad circumstances, I've inherited a large collection of firearms. Most are curio and relic items, like old Mosin Nagants and Garands, Mausers, etc. There are also a large number of authentic antique and reproduction black powder pistols and rifles, as well as quite a few eastern block pistols like CZs and Makarovs. I think there are also a few Romak AKMs and SKSs.

    All told there are probably 200-300 items. I've hand picked out a selection of those that mean the most to me - family heirlooms or particularly interesting or valuable items. However, I'm looking at owning 150-200 firearms that I don't know what to do with.

    The other side of this is that there are a ton of very large medical bills to be paid, and I'd like to get fair value for all these things so that it can be put to helping the heiress out of the bills.

    I'd like any input you might have on the best way to sale these items to ensure that I'm getting a fair price for each, while at the same time complying with laws and not getting myself into trouble. I live in New Hampshire. Any advice on what to do?
  2. Gojubrian

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    You can check on many firearms auction sites and compare prices and go from there.

    :) You might even get individuals asking about certain ones here.

    Got any 1911's?? :D

    It won't be hard to 'get rid' of those firearms for fair market value at all!

    Pics would be great!!

  3. c3shooter

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    In MOST states, you can legally sell a firearm to an adult that is a resident of your state without having to go thru a dealer- but where are you?

    You can post them on auctionarms.com, or on gunbroker.com, but look at some of the auctions first, and READ THE RULES FOR SELLERS. A good description, GOOD photos, and arrange times for auction to end on a Saturday evening. Use a very modest starting price, and you should be the true market value. You will then need to collect payment, package, insure, and ship. You can ship LONG guns by US Mail, and UPS and FedEx. HANDGUNS must go Next Day Air on UPS or FedEx- and are very expensive to ship. A DEALER can use US Mail to ship handguns- may be cheaper to find a dealer that will ship for you (for a fee) Shipping across a state line must be to a FFL holder.

    You can also find a dealer that will buy them outright, or sell them on consignment for you. Dealer gets their cut, you do not have the hassle of selling.

    If you do not know local dealers= SHAME on you ! :) However, both Auctionarms and Gunbroker have a "Find a FFL" feature- [lug in your zip code, up pops FFL holders registered with the site as willing to be "transfer agents". Most would be happy to do consignment sales.

    Would NOT run ad in local paper, due to increasing your exposure to crime.

    Any Mossberg 22s in there? And good luck-
  4. spittinfire

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    You've got some good advice here. I'll also suggest that you post a list of the items you're going to sell here. You've already got 2, make that 3 asking. I think everyone here would be interested in seeing what you have and would be willing to offer you a FAIR price for them.

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss and I'll keep you and your in my prayers.
  5. robocop10mm

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    Take your time. You don't want to sell something that later turns out to have a special place in remembering the departed previous owner.

    Do your research or be prepared to get less than actual value. If the previous owner was a regular, long term customer of a local dealer contact that dealer. McBrides guns in Austin regularly buys guns from widows when the husband was a life long customer. Joe McBride has been in business since the early 60's and tries to take care of his customers even after their death.
  6. zhuk

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    *quite a few eastern block pistols like CZs and Makarovs. I think there are also a few Romak AKMs and SKSs*

    Sorry, I think my envy gland just got a hernia :eek:

    Wish I could offer 'help' to take a few off your hands :rolleyes: but best of luck getting the best price you can for for the ones you decide to sell; I'm sorry to hear you didn't acquire them in better circumstances.

    I would think there would be many collectors who would jump at the chance to get hold of some of those firearms.
  7. Mark F

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    Enjoy them, and be appreciative that you inherited them... very few are so LUCKY!
  8. R-BOLT

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    Take them to Carr Auction in Kansas. They have buyers that hit their gun auction from most of the U.S.. Their web site is carrauction.com. They have large 2 day gun auctions a couple of times a year. I have sold there, but can not afford to buy frm them. On smaller sales they sell firearms off and on all year.You can not knock what they get out of the guns, they just have a great customer base that is willing to shell out the bucks. The bidders set the value.
  9. gregs887

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    Send them to me, I'll take care of it :D
  10. Benning Boy

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    Take your time, and start researching each piece. Get a general feel for prices.

    C&Rs, unfortunately, aren't the highest ticket item in the world, generally speaking. Mosins go for $80 to $120, a travesty for such a good rifle.

    Don't get beat on prices because of ignorance.
  11. orangello

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    Sorry for your loss. Have you talked to an attorney about maybe doing a little negotiating on the medical bills? I have heard many times of creditors trying to force people into paying medical and other liabilities of recently deceased relatives when the creditors actually have very little legal basis to collect from anyone but the deceased person or his/her estate. I'm not suggesting you weasel, but an attorney who is a family friend might have some good advice on how to pay only what you owe.

    If you do happen to have a cz82 pistol in good shape, post up.
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  12. dunerunner

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    I'll echo what my forum brother have said, I am sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you and your family.

    In many States, weapons transfers can be made by a private seller in a face-to-face sale when the buyer has proper identification, etc. Post some pics for the membership, you might get some purchases right here, and seek legal advise on the bills.
  13. LeRenard

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Once I've had a chance to kick around the forum a bit so I'm not as much of a newb, and once I've had a chance to take stock on what all is in there, I'll be sure to post more information. I am keeping what I consider a good sized portion of the collection - probably 20 pieces - for myself, but I live in an apartment and simply don't have space to keep it all. I think I might try to locate auctions and people who can sell consignment for the bulk, then maybe do the more difficult sales like gunbroker.com, etc, or private sales on the pieces I know are more valuable or interesting to collectors.

    Thanks again
  14. cpttango30

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    Shoot them. What else are they meant to do? Club baby seals?

    I am sorry for your loss and happy for your gain.