What to do when no shots are available??

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    Meningococcal Disease(Meningitis) the infection of the fluid of the fluid surrounding the brain and spine.....at risk tlddlers to 19yro.

    Whooping Cough (Pertussis) severe coughing spells,vomiting, weight loss, cracking cib's, pneumonia, incontinance.

    Diptheria a thick covering in back the throat , heart problems, paralasis, breathing problems.

    Lock Jaw (Tetanus) untreated 2 in 10 cases end in death, painfull tightening of musles all over the body.

    Undalent feaver is from drinking the milk of cattle infected with Brucellosis a common disease in all wildlife.

    The State of Alaska Dept of Fish & Game publishes a small paperback hand book "A Guide to Common Wildlife Diseases and Parasites of Alaska"
    6 of the external skin
    2 of the head
    5 of the internal organs
    3 of the muscle
    8 classified in a general catagory

    Salmon are loaded with tape worms. Freezing the meat wont kill them they have survived freezing of -45 and had re-animated when rewarmed. they will die when heated to 160F

    Some these little doosies would ruin your day
    Keep current on your shots and keep those teeth in good orderso if SHTF occors you can coast a little.:cool:
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    Join the military, they've never had a shortage of any of those vaccines.

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    Rex, I think you did not do enough research. 1st of all, fire can be had easily in these days, and any one feasing on anything coming from waters near should simply burn everything and gnaw on it.

    Do not drink water that has not been recently boiled or hit with one of those UV sticks anyone can buy.

    I'm not gonna go deeper, because I think you are still on the edge of learning how to survive, if needed.

    Here's a situation most of us need to think about. SHTF scenario, and your Mother-in-Law is visiting. Do you take her with you and kill her later when wifey is not aware, or do you drop her at the next exit? Think about it, nothing will ever be ok, because you were never good enough for her daughter anyhoo. You can teach her to survive, but she will never listen to you. I dunno, maybe I overthink some things. :D
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    Do you take her with you and kill her later when wifey is not aware

    All depends- is MIL skinny, or a potential source of emegency food ?

    seriously, some time back a friend and i were discussing advances in medicine- told him iMHO, greatest advance in past 200 yrs was the practice of innoculation for disease prevention. Most of us have never met someone with typhoid, diptheria, or polio. my CHILDREN are of a generation that skipped measles- which has killed a lOAD of people.

    And how many of YOU are up-to-date on YOUR vaccinations- like Tetanus?
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    I have read that those may not be 100% in cloudy water. Of course, a thinking person would try to use a fiber filter on cloudy water, if that was the only thing available.

    Don't forget MIL's can also be useful as cooks & beasts of burden. ;)
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    What do I do when there are no shots available?? I change locations and re-range. Duh. :p

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    MIL's can cook, haul firewood and with a little training, load magazines for you. The really big ones make good candles.
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    Hell, my MIL would make a good signal fire for a week....

    Really, though, I have been wondering what to do in a bad situation when hauling around people who can't move too well is required. I owe it to my immediate family to see to their needs. What about extended family? Just say "Adios, best of luck, hope you come out of this alive" and split? Or risk everyone's safety by trying to bring the lardassian elderly folk along?
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    The fact was I was reminded to bring my kid down for booster shots when reading the accompaning paper work of the shots and what they cover when all this came to mind.
    everything mentioned is every day stuff that is around that will eat your lunch if not prepaired remember SHTF there wont be a safety net, no clinic or hospital and if they were in existance they would have more than they could handle. There all sorts of ill's just whateing to infect the masses Diptheria and Cholera that were prevalent in the good old days and would rresurface soon enough in a un-prepaired society.
    May just be that a bullet will never find you those little buggies will get ya first.
    To think as late as the 1880's they still had sporadic cases of yellow fever in the Ohio river valley.