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  1. getem2011

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    I am interested in purchasing a p226 classic 22lr and then buying a conversion kit in 9mm or .40

    Now here is my issue, I do not know whether to buy the 226 or purchase two separate guns entirely. It would feel nice to have to over one(even tho I would have the conversion) but I also want to stay under $750.
    Ive looked into the sig 1911 .22lr and subsequently purchasing a higher caliber gun as well.

    So the question is, buy the 226 with conversion kit or just buy two entire guns?
  2. Toll13

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    2 guns is always the answer :)

  3. Glockpotion23

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    Can you buy a sig for less than $750?? i havent seen that.
  4. sweeper22

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    I have a P226 and it's a great gun.

    But if you want a rimfire (22lr) and a centerfire (9/40/45), the most bang for your buck will be a $300-ish Ruger/Browning/GSG 1911 rimfire, and then a $400-500 centerfire of your choosing. For the centerfire, I would suggest looking into various polymers, used Sigs (can be found for $500 occasionally), entry level 1911s (45acp) or a 9mm CZ 75.

    Here's another option worth your consideration: EAA Witness 9mm/22lr. It's a serviceable multi-caliber gun for under $450. I'm not sure how good the 22lr end of it is, but I believe the 9mm is excellent.
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  5. CHLChris

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    The easy answer when it is someone else's money is "Buy two guns!!" In this case, that has to be the ultimate plan, but perhaps in the short term, not quite the best plan.

    I prefer to have the right firearm for each need, rather than have something that doesn't quite fulfill one or both needs really well. Thus, I have purchased a separate .22 pistol and centerfire pistol in a self-defense caliber. Plus, I'm fairly picky, so I bought close to best in each category. Since a self-defense pistol is REALLY important, perhaps you do that first. Then buy a .22 that really matches your wants and needs.

    I wouldn't want to spend $150-300 for a .22 conversion. I'd rather save another $100-200 and buy a really nice .22 pistol. YMMV