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    Ok, I suppose this question is on most minds, but not sure how much it's talked about openly on forums. Here goes.....
    Why the hell are prices on Guns and Ammo are so incredibly high?!?! I understand the whole Supply and Demand business. But that doesn't warrant the mark up that is going on. Not even close. I had my own shop for a while a few years back. I am familiar with what the distributors charge and the usual mark up with retailers.
    What I don't get is why they are currently raping us! The New York laws passed recently aside....there are no laws that are "currently" affecting us. All this mark up, is pure hype, with the media spurring it on. I mean really, why the hell are people paying $2000 for a $850 AR-15?!?!? The general public can be blamed as well. If you don't pay the $2000, maybe they will realize that there is no reason to do this right now. Seriously, there is no evidence that the govt. is going to be able to follow through with ANY of the "proposed" gun laws being talked about.....none.
    I can sort of understand why you "might" want to buy a few AR's right now. Or some hi-cap mags. But what is happening with the prices is just plain madness!!!! Go ahead and get an extra hundred for the AR-15. Or an extra $20 for a magazine. And again, I think if folks woke up and said..."Why in the hell would I pay $2000 for an $850 AR?" maybe, this would stop. Don't know. But I just think the media is feeding the hype machine, and people are buying (pun intended) it.
    I am writing this because I am confused here. As gun owners, NRA members, and 2nd amendment supporters, shouldn't we all be working together to arm ourselves against tyranny? Isn't that the end goal? Build a stronger "us" to protect against a possible govt. take over? How can we do that if y'all are charging an extra $500-$1000 or more to buy a semi-automatic black rifle? Or $400 more for a black handgun? This is supply and demand gone wrong! I mean, who are we really hurting here?
    Just my thoughts.....
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    The markups are starting at the top with the manufacturers and distributors and being passed on down through the retailers to the customers. Private sellers are also taking advantage of the madness. Ammo is truly scarce right now due to the feds buying it all up. Things will eventually calm. Although the federal level may have a hard time pushing through legislation the states are doing it daily. Expect ammo to continue to be an issue after guns calm down.

  3. eatmydust

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    Herd mentality!!

    Right now the herd is bigger than ever and more afraid than ever before!!

    Supply & Demand + Scared Herd = What we've got now!
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    Welcome to the forum! Good first post, but if you look around, you see many of us are already *****ing about the madness. We feel your pain.
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    Thanks for the replies! I do understand the industry. I was an ffl holder for 8 years. And I see the distributors increasing their price and, and I can see $300-$400 increase. You look at GunBroker and it just makes me laugh. Private sales are just stupid. Why in the name of Charlton Heston are "we the people" hurting ourselves?!?! We need to help folks arm themselves. But when you're selling your mini-14 for $1500.....who do you think are buying them? It's not Joe/blue collar working man! Most likely a dealer, that is going to turn around and sell it for $1800.
    I mean come folks....let's help each other arm one another. I can see that someone that wants to make some $$ by selling it right now during this time of madness. But we are only hurting ourselves man! Sell your AR for $250 than it's worth.....cool. But, $1000 mark up? If we all make an effort to stop this idiotic panic, then we will show the govt. we aren't going to be sheep!! Now more than ever, we need to come together and be united. Not turning ourselves into the very people we are fighting against. This panic will disappear if we stop hurting each other with this insane mark up. You go onto auction sites to find a good deal..... not get raped!
    OK, I'm done for now. I am in no way running for any political position. And these views are my own. But please just consider not marking up your firearms so much. We are making it to hard for the average working guy and gal to arm themselves. While we can't do anything about the dealers marking up their guns.....we can make private sales on auction sites more reasonable, and FTF sales as well. Tell your friends. Thanks for listening.....pf
  6. Trez

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    I gonna say the same thing I tell everybody else who complains about expensive "black rifles"..

    The Garand I want was $2000+ before this crazyness, and its gonna be $2000+ after all this crazyness... At least your "black rifles" will eventually come down in price.... :rolleyes:
  7. locutus

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    This is pure supply and demand driven by the panicked chicken littles.

    Government sales have nothing to do with it. (Sorry, guys, no conspiracy)

    Just people who didn't have an AR or any ammo on hand before Newtown, now running around in circles and paying anything that is asked for the scant amount available.

    In 9-12 months, both guns and ammo will be back to normal.
  8. treehugger49

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    I think that's a pretty accurate assessment.
  9. cottontop

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    The answer is simple: human greed. The gun industry cares nothing about the people who buy guns and ammo and reloading components. They just see it as an opportunity to get more money for their products. They know that when the panic dies and things are back to normal that the ignorant masses will continue to buy their products. There is no such thing as loyalty in business.
  10. c3shooter

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    It is really very simple....


    In other words, the herd has been spooked by lightning, and when one runs, they ALL run.

    Me? I am buying the stuff these ill prepared folks traded in to buy that $2000 Bushmaster. Like Fox Sterlingworths.
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    My LGS is selling Pmags for 35 and colts ar15 for 1400 not everyone is price gouging alot of the high prices Are on gunbroker and sites like that , can't speak for any other stores except my LGS.
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  12. JonM

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    You should be happy we live in a capiralistic free society while we do and can buy guns and ammo. Socialism doesnt allow for people to be free to determine their own fate.

    I delight in the fact we can have runs on things and prices going up and down.
  13. LakeshoreShooter

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    Yep...Nailed it!! Jut like the silly *** primer scare 3 or 4 years ago. And yes, the only people we are hurting is ourselves. I'm sure the folks in D.C. are sitting back in their chairs and laughing at us, saying things like..."Yep, ya just turn the light on, and they all scatter!" or "They say they're not sheep, but look at 'em all flocking to the gun stores like lemmings."
    And that is the damndest thing?!?!? The Govt. hasn't done anything thing yet!!!!! Ya, New York State is always doing bad things to their folks. But there's nothing that is going to come from this!! I just wish everyone would read this thread with all these posts on it, and surmise that, "Hey, what the hell are we doing?!?!?!"
    I am new here, and I guess I should have looked around first to see that this topic has already been exhausted.
    Thanks for listening, and for all the posts!