What Spotting Scope?

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by My_556, May 19, 2009.

  1. My_556

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    I am looking for a spotting scope for target shooting 200-500yds. $1k price range

    Suggestions please.

  2. mrm14

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    Leupold Spotting Scopes

    I use a Leupold Sequoia 20-60X80mm Angled spotting scope. I bought it in the kit form and it cost just under $600.00 about a year ago. The kit comes with a hard case, tri-pod, and detachable lens shade. Pretty nice set up, however, the tri-pod is just a step above the bare minimum in mount quality.

    Also check out the Leupold Golden Ring 12-40X60mm HD spotting scopes. The glass is a bit better in these than the Sequoia sereis they make. These are also available in a kit form and are around $900.00. In these kits they have two extra goodies than the Sequoia kits. They have a vehicle window mount for the scope and an adaptor for mounting a digital camera to it.

    I've noticed that most tripods that come in these kits are about the same quality, no matter who makes them.

    My brother is a photographer nut and turned me on to some of the tripods he uses. They use what they call a "liquid mount" which makes traverse and tilting of the scope/camera smooth as glass. Super nice! These can be had for around $200.00 and up from any high end camera store.

  3. M14sRock

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    I used Leupolds for years with great satisfaction, but a couple of years ago I wandered around the SHOT show specifically looking for a new spotting scope.

    I tried every scope in the house and decided on this one Optolyth MINI B/GA 15-45x80 Spotting Scope I think the Optolyth spotting scopes are the best available today.

    The price is now a bit higher than you stipulated, but this scope flat out delivers. And if you check around you may find someone with a great deal.

    That said, the new Gold Ring Leupolds are outstanding and will serve you well for at least your lifetime.

    And a quick zip through OpticsPlanet.com just now shows some outstanding deals on MeoPta, Swarovski, Leupold and others.
  4. bungiex8e8

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    Just received my Bushnell sportveiw 20-60 bullet holes a noticeable at 1000yds with a shoot n c target. I was surprised to see that far only paying 70 for it on Amazon.