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What should we do?

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Ok so my dad has been trying to get his foid card since last April I think it was He has been trying really hard to get it but here's the thing, the people that do all the foid crap claim he has some record at some place in Arizona. My dad has no clue what they are talking about. He calls up the police station in Arizona and stuff, they say he has a clean record, the people up in Illinois insist he has a record even though he does not. Now they are saying he needs to get a paper saying he has a clear record mailed to him that he needs to mail to these people in Illinois saying he has a clean record.

By the way my dads father applied for his foid card and got it in two weeks. It's ridiculous!!! My question is what do you guys think we should do? Should he just re apply and get finger printed at the police station when he reapplies if he does? Last time he did the application and let them do a background check instead of bringing the app to the police station and getting finger printed to prove he has a clean record. I really am desperate for advice!
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Is his name common? It is possibly a mix up.
might be time to get an attorney involved to speed things up. might try and find one who deals with firearms related matters.
Illinois is a lost state. My suggestion is to move to a state with good gun laws and vote republican.
He might be able to get a letter from authorities in the county in question in Arizona stating that he has no record there. That's about the best I can come up with. You are dealing with Ill-annoy which is like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.
I can't move, my dad refuses to. Plus he does not have a way to make money if he moves. If my dad reapplied could that work? Or would they say he already applied???
Get the Az county in question to Fax you a statement that your Dad has no record there.
I would not apply again its not going to change the status , I would have him get more info about his crime, what county it was in and get with the county sheriff of the county the supposed crime happened in AZ and have them send certified papers of a clean record directly to Springfield to whom ever is working on his FOID stuff which you will need to find out who that is .
I have a CDL / Hazmat driver here at work for me , I got a letter saying that he had been convicted of use of narcotics / intoxication while driving and his CDL had been revoked . This is a 69 yr old man thats never touched dope . LOL just a big mistake that took us several weeks to get corrected , come to find out it was a guy with the exact name that was 24 yrs old . Now how do you mix that up ? It happens .
If you do as stated as above and dont get results then I would get a attorney involved as they obviously have something wrong on his record that needs corrected that may have adverse effects in the future
Get a statement from Arizona. Send a copy certified mail to the gestapo. Keep the original.

If no action in 30 days, hire a lawyer and sue the lazy bastards.
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