what should i get !!!!!!!!! stoeger cougar or taurus pt 809 !!!!!!???????

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  1. chad2

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    i have come to this forum many of times looking into the taurus pt 809 and i love it, it feels great in my hand i love that it has ambi saftey, mag release, and slide release. i love the high capacity and the hammer, i am very partial to the frame saftey not the slide saftey like the beretta. i like that it has a rail and cut outs in the front of the slide for easy checking of a chambered round. i love the medium size of it, like the 4 inch barrel also has a very smooth trigger.

    but there is just about nothing you can find that really saids anything about it! either the videos are in a diff language or the reviews are very short and do not go into what i want to hear! i know how guns work! i do not want to see how it breaks down or how it feels i want to see what groups it is pulling at the range for fast shooting, slow shooting, long range shooting how it feels to shoot it, and how it compairs to other companies in its same category. but no! i dont get this i get about a million people putting reviews up on how to field strip it or shoot it and say nothing about what they think. also i have heard a lot of bad thing about customer service from taurus, ranging from the people telling you to f*** off and just hanging up on you because they have no idea what you are talking about. i have seen one torture test for it and i watch it all the time but again it is not in english so i have no idea what they are talking about but i get the point the gun looks very sturdy but no one really talks about it!

    i need some opinions

    now for the stoeger love the way it feels the slide saftey i will just have to get used to if i get it. it is a very smooth action smooth trigger and only to rounds less then the 809 in the mag i have heard numerus amounts about the rotating barrel being amazing and very reliable.

    i have seen some pretty good reviews on it and heard it is an amazing shooter it looks to shoot very accuratley and is very reliable i have heard of people puting 10,000 rounds through theres and had absolutly NO problems never heard anything bad about this gun every one recomends it.

    also i have not heard anything about there costumer service being bad or good i dont know if that is just because no one has had to deal with them but if so no bad remarks i consider as good remarks.

    the things i dont like about these guns

    stoeger: saftey on slide just preference, 2 less rounds then the taurus , no rail.

    taurus: reputation or the lack there of.

    what should i get in your opinion i am asking this question on a taurus forum because i like the taurus more but i know so much less about it in terms of reliabilaty and accuracy.

    also the simple fact that so many people have problems with taurus C.S. does not help them not for the fact that they are bad with people but for the fact that there products are bad and so many people have to call them to fix there guns this seems to be the opposite for the stoeger

    like i said before i like the taurus better becasue it looks feels and has everything that i want. but a gun that i can not bepend my life on is worthless to me and if this is so about the taurus than i am going to get the stoeger but if not i will gladly get the pt 809

    is there anyone who has shot or owned both guns and what is your opinion on both i want to hear the bad and the good of both guns.

    as of right now the stoeger is winning simply because of its rep!
  2. NGIB

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    The Stoeger Cougar is a direct descendant of the Beretta Cougar - just built in Turkey instead of Italy. The Taurus is a Taurus.

    You say you spent time researching - how much bad stuff did you read about Taurus? Even if only a small percentage is factual - what are your odds of getting the solid, reliable Taurus?. I've been around handguns all my life and have owned a lot of everything and I traded away my last Taurus many years ago.

    Buy what you want but I'll leave you with something to think about:

    "where there's smoke there's fire"

  3. stalkingbear

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    If it was ME, I'd get the Stoeger Cougar simply because of Taurus's reputation of spotty quality. The fact that the Cougar has a unique rotating barrel lockup gives it excellent accuracy too. I've shot Cougars and quite frankly was amazed how accurate they was.
  4. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Are there good Taurus pistols? Yes. But unfortunately, Taurus QC is just too spotty for me to stake my life on. Get the Cougar.
  5. indyfan

    indyfan New Member

    You gotta go with the Cougar for sure

  6. Flat4sti

    Flat4sti New Member

    the Beretta PX4 has the same rotating barrel as the couger.
  7. spittinfire

    spittinfire New Member Supporter

    If it were me, I would go with the Cougar. Taurus is too hit and miss for my taste and their customer service isn't known to be the best.
  8. propex

    propex New Member

    I have owned a Beretta Cougar in 45 caliber for years and have not had one problem with it. It is accurate and has a low recoil due to its weight and the energy used in the rotating barrel. I have never owned a Taurus so I can not comment on that particular brand

    JBPDXOR New Member

    I own a Stoeger Cougar 8000 9mm and have shot over 1500 rounds without a FTF or FTE.
    One other reason to select the Cougar is that it held a NATO approved listing for 10 years. 30,000 rounds rating without a failure with NATO ammo.

    Finally, if you need a great holster for total versatility, then contact Littlebearholsters.com and Dave Galloway. I invested in a IWB/OWB and I can make it "Tuckable" as well. :)
  10. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    I have a Stoeger Cougar 8040 for ccw, great quality for a decent price, flawless operation with no FTE's and no problems with various factory ammo or handloads and the most accurate out of the box semi-auto I've ever owned.
  11. cluznar

    cluznar New Member

    Stoeger Cougar or taurus PT809

    PLEASE get the Cougar... I have a 9mm Cougar compact (same as full size but shorter grip holds 13 rounds) and it is awesome. Little recoil, accurate, nice trigger, easy to shoot. Stoeger Cougar though a known gun needs to be recognized as a premium weapon with a nice price tag. It is a bargain, not many people get rid of their Stoeger Cougars. :)
  12. trex1310

    trex1310 New Member

    This is true. It's basically the same gun except the PX4 has a polymer
    frame and the Cougar is steel. Also, the Cougar is about $200 less
    than the PX4.
  13. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    My Cougar 40 is alloy, it's just a Beretta now made in Turkey with a new brand, Stoeger. It's made with all the machinery it was made with in the Beretta brand. I just wish they made a compact in .40 S&W.

    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    I have a Stoeger .40 S&W Cougar, plus a Taurus PT145, a Taurus PT940, A Taurus Model 441, a Taurus Model 431, a Taurus Model 85, and a Taurus PT101. The Stoeger is wonderful! Very accurate, easy to operate, perfectly reasonable to strip and clean, no malfunctions.
    The Taurus revolvers are great - no trouble of any kind, sturdy, accurate, good looking.
    The Taurus PT101 and PT145 had trivial problems with the magazine release's when I first got them, in that they let the magazines fall down a quarter inch or so. I figured out that the magazine releases had not been fully seated in the grip frames during assembly, and all it took was to carefully push them into place with my finger. Since I did that, in 7 years I've had no further trouble with them. They shoot straight, don't malfunction, and feel good in my hands.
    The PT940 has never given me any trouble at all.
    If asked to choose between them and only keep one, however, it would be the Stoeger .40 Cougar due to its accuracy and ease of shooting.
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